Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Print; Unleash Your Animal

There's no doubt that animal print has been all the fashionable rage this year. We've seen the print of the animal on accessories, shoes, garments, and even nail patterns. This wild fashionable phenomena was seen on red carpets and well as Joni's carpet before leaving for a night on the town with her friends. 

There's no mistaken that this trend transcended through a few seasons and has a staple position during Winter 2012. These prints vary from zebra, leopard, tiger, and cheetah. Many fashion bloggers have given a pictorial on the subtle differences among the patterns but the thunder and panting each brings is nothing short of a sizzle.  I can't deny, I too was bitten by the sharp hold of the animal print craze. I have a zebra shirt, leopard loafers, and a cheetah blouse. Each ensures that I am the hottest cougar in the jungle. (I'm kidding - sorta).
How did you unleash your animal? Was it a little tiger, zebra, leopard, or cheetah?


I Love love animal print! I've been loooking for the perfect cheeta print belt.

I love me some animal print leopard is my favorite Im looking for the perfect booties

Yesssss.... I was BITTEN with Jungle Fever & I LUV it!!!! I don't think I will ever get tired of seeing animal print! :D

I have been doing a lot of Cheetah! Love it! It's the new black!

@ Bessie - I saw a few belts on Delia and 6pm.com. It was about a week ago.

@ Jeimy - Ooo I've ooogled over some hot booties on a few sites. I think Fashionista next door has some.

@Lynn - I could so see your wearing a lot of hot pieces.

@BS - Yes, you and Miss P would look adorable.

I can't get enough of animal prints. When you have tops, shoes, belts, and scarves it seem that would be animal print overload. NOT! My fav is leopard prints.. Like you, I've been bitten for quite some time now. Ummm cheetalicious! Lol

i unleashed mine through a black/brown leopard print tunic, wedge bootie and scarf! RRAAWWRRRR

I have always loved animal print! Especially cheetah and leopard!

I think I like the zebra print different and they have them in different colors too.

I used to be so leary of animal print but I am so glad I've embraced it. Leopard print is my all time fav and has now become my new "neutral".

I am a huge animal print fan which I am sure you know! Kelly Ripka was your guess??? So...here's another hint, my Style Icon is British...she used to be a Spice Girl and her husband is a soccer player... Can you guess????

I love cheatah print, cant find the perfect blouse thoug.

love the cheetah print...very hot for the new year!!

hey, r! hope you had a nice christmas! the kiddos had so much fun, but i am drained... lol! i absolutely love animal prints--leopard is my fave... but my rule to wearing animal print is doing it one at a time. shoes... or scarf... or coat... just one at a time. :) wishing you a very happy new year, r!

I feel like I am ALWAYS on the hunt for the perfect python print pump, leopard pump, and zebra pump! One day I will cross those items off of my fashion wish list! I love animal print and Im glad it seems to be a "forever" print.


i like my animal print in accessory doses, but i'm longing for a leopard cardi!

I was bitten by all of the above! I love my animal print.

always chic print, happy holidays!!


Okay after reading this post. I definitely need to step my wardrobe up! But I do have a dress very similar to the last one on the right, so that counts. ;)

Hi Reginia! Love the new layout! Leopard all the way for me and the Hubstar even bought me a few pieces. That totally surprised me because he never used to like any kind of animal print.

Your new look is great! I love anything animal print. And I never get tired of it.

I love animal print! It's a key staple item that will always stay in fashion if you pick the right piece.



I used to be totally against Cheetah print but now I'm smitten with leopard. I mean smitten!

I am so glad this stayed in style again for another year, love the leopard prints on clothing and shoes.

I love animal print and my favorite is definitely leopard print!

Wow, I see a lot of you are Unleashing the Animal. I can't wait to see more OOTD posts with animal print.



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