Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pinterest & West Elm (Atlanta) Holiday Event

Photo credit - Reginia - collage by Photovisi

Pinterest paired with West Elm Atlanta for a private holiday event.

Photo credit - Reginia
Pinterest is the latest social media outlet used for creating digital vision boards within one platform. Users may upload or repin pictures from an arsenal of user photos, or re-post sayings that are inspirational, motivational, or just interesting to their visual regard. I previously spoke about the transition from traditional vision boards to digital boards such as Pinterest here. Pinterest can easily be described as engaging and addicting.

This cozy gathering had a modest group of attendees who chatted about their pinning interest while enjoying the lovely atmosphere of West Elm. Attendees registered for a striking basket that was raffled at the end of the event. 

To create your Interest in Pinterest , visit Also, if you're looking for design inspiration that's sophisticated, functional, and affordable, visit your local West Elm or shop


It' looks like it was nice! I hope she has another one do I can go!!

It was quite quaint. I'm sure next year's event will be larger as more people become hip to Pinterest. It was family friendly.

It was ok hopefully they will do it better next year. It was great meeting you.

my friend just invited me to join pinterest, i just havent had time to really get on the site and play around yet. i will def try this week!

I love West Elm. I went in there on can rival my other fav interior place.....Z. Gallerie :)

@Kita - It had the potential to be a super event. Sometimes they just need to work out the kinks.

@LC - Join. It's pretty relaxing.

@BR- I LOVE LOVE LOVE Z. Gallerie. We have one in the same shopping area as West Elm. I love that place.

Lovely pics...Hmm Pinterest eh? I need an invite to that!

Isnt PIN great! ATL seems like the place to be so many fun events!

@Kim - Thanks. Yes Pinterest is a great pastime. Just click on the invitation on the site, they'll send one right away.

@JP - It was lovely.

@T (BS) - Girl yes. I haven't used it yet. I'm going to mess around and use it in the car. LOL

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