Thursday, December 15, 2011

Perfectly Pretty - Holiday Edition

Perfectly Pretty - Holiday Edition

The holidays are upon us which means more gatherings, dinners, and parties. Being prepared for each of these is essential. In my previous post, I spoke about the holiday work shenanigans of  the Secret Santa exchange which may include a work gathering of the sorts. Work related gatherings are typically holiday casual, therefore there isn't a need to whip out the finest party dress and spiked Louboutin. However, some off site gatherings, personal soirees, and A-list celebrity events call for a sleeker vision of femininity and poise. 

While thinking of holiday parties, I get very excited. I absolutely love party dresses, sexy up du's, sultry make-up, and being the arm accessory of the finest beau in season. I've included a few party dresses, and casual outfits that are options for this season's festivities. Also, my staple up-du is fashioned on the beautiful Ms. Nia Long. Actually, I wear my hair like this to work 3 of 5 days per week.

Do you have any holiday festivities on the calendar? Are they casual, dressy, or formal?

Tis the season to be fashionable.


the sweater dress and the boots - yep, those are my staple winter clothes for casual shindigs. i love it, you can never go wrong with it!

I love the sweater and the boots also. My hubs has a dinner at his job but it's come as you are. Son's football team is getting together for a quick holiday dinner but that's casual also.


@inHerShoes - I love casual events. The clothes are less fussy and I am not constantly checking the mirror. However, party dresses give me life in the sexy girl department.

@Kita. - Come as you are parties are good too. Most of the time, I drop something on my top which is bad if I have on an expensive dress. :(

I actually dont have any holiday parties on the horizon. But if i do, i love that first strapless red dress you shared. Cute!!!

Those boots are bad and I love all three party dresses. One more holiday party tonight then it's home for the holidays!

I'm not going to anything fancy this year So definitely the sweater dress and boots will do!

I have attended several company Holiday Parties and I'm going out with my sister tomorrow night in a sequin dress I can't wait :)

Ah, I also LOVE getting dressed up for holiday parties! We have a big new years party, I'm so excited to go shopping for it, haha!

I love Nia Long! I think she's so beautiful and has such great style. Love the party dresses you chose and that sweater dress is divine! :D

My holidays this year was light on formal occasions. I had a work day-time event today at a bowling alley so you can imagine the dress code :)

Such a nice post, I enjoyed it a lot! I like your sense of style! Wonderful boots!

Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

I don't have any holiday parties on my schedule yet. :( BUT I do have a wedding to attend, so it should be interesting what everyone will be wearing. We shall see, maybe I can sneak some pics. lol

how cool!!! love it!

xoxo from rome

LOL @ BR. I'm sure you brought your chic sophistication among the ever so hip bowling shoes.

@Fabriza - off to follow you now. Thanks so much for commenting.

@OM - My former classmate/neighbor is getting married on the 31st. It's an evening wedding. I'on know what to wear. :(

@K - Thanks

There are just too many parties going on! But I do like dressing up!

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