Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My TV and Me

Everybody knows that watching television (TV) is one of the greatest American pastimes. My day is always started with the local morning show. This is where a get a bit of news, weather, sports, and the latest imprudence in and about my city. If working from home is on my schedule, watching TV is number 1 on the list of fabulous things. I get to watch my favorite programs: The Golden Girls, Good Times, Judge Mathis, and a slew of “un-wife” like “housewife shows”. One might think that my life is grounded and surrounded in the tube. They’re right! It is. Watching TV is my everything; therefore being able to connect to a host of various programming is important.

For eons, there was debate about who provided the better service; was it cable TV or satellite. Since graduating college, I was an apartment girl until a few years ago. Apartment living provided an easy breezy, worry free lifestyle. However, the only option was cable. Many apartment communities didn’t want the assumed hassle of satellite. As a homeowner, there are options in the programming battle - Hatfields vs. the McCoys (cable vs. satellite).

One option is DIRECTV. DIRECTV is an affordable solution for recession proofing your budget. DIRECTV offers 150 channels beginning at $29.99 per month. Your family can connect more TVs within your lovely abode – up to 15 TVs can be connected with DIRECTV. Additionally, the programming is vivid. DIRECTV gives a boost to HD channels. Who doesn’t want to clearly see Idris Elba or George Clooney. Most importantly, DIRECTV has something for everyone; women, men, children, tweens, teens, and family.

What is your choice of TV connectivity? 

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I love my comcast cable service it's great!!!

We have direct tv. At first i thought I would not like it but now I love! There are a million chanels so I had to set my favs

I have comcast and they are expensive but I managed to get a good deal out of them. Direct tv would be great but I don't want to be put into a contract.

My family has always gotten Time Warner. I'm not really sure why. We tried DirectTV when we moved to a new house, but it didn't work out. They took forever to put in the satellit and there was always a problem everytime the cable guy came. So my mom just told them to unhook it and we went right back to Time Warner. But I suppose any TV provider is good. As long as you get to watch your shows. Haha.

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I have Comcast but I've had DirectV. However, I don't like the idea of being under a contact.

I wish they had more option perhaps I'd try Time Warner.

We currently have charter and it is okay. I did like Comcast but it is expensive. We are currently renting & can't opt for Direct TV. I never like the idea of contracts but sometimes it is a better deal. I don't watch much TV but I do have a list of must see shows.

We use Time Warner Cable and also have HD channels. I agree that watching Idris Elba in HD is a guilty pleasure of mine :-)

girl, ain't no one gonna mess with my cable tv and an hdtv. those two together are better than any marriage i know! LOL

I watch so little TV that I don't even have cable. I rely primarily on Netflix to get my Law and Order fix :P

I used to have satellite but strong storms would interrupt service so I switch to Comcast and then to nothing, as I canceled all services. Now I have a 60" TV, a PS# + Netflix, and no cable/dish. I'd like to keep it that way :)

We use Charter and they suck. I want Comcast but they do not offer service in thea are I live in. I have considered satellite but I hear that when it rains the tv goes out and I like to bundle my service. However, I may look into satellite because of the awful customer service that I receive from Charter.

we have direct tv... and i think it's not bad at all... but then i wouldn't really know how others are because i don't really have a choice when it comes to cable. my husband has the final say because he has to go with the one that carries his sports channels. i think it's definitely a better choice than dishes....:D

We've had directv before. I'm not sure why we switched, but we may switch back again. I just happen to love the Golden Girls. My husband thinks I'm a little nutty. :)

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