Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Louboutin - DIY - (Guest Post)

Louboutin - DIY - (Guest Post)

Red bottoms are everywhere. You can't deny their influence on classic, sophisticated fashion. Everyone from Oprah, Nicki Minaj, and your hottest housewife owns a pair of these elite kicks. I, too, fancy a pair of Louboutins, hopefully Santa will bring a pair along with the iPad 2. However, my blogger pal, Champagne, over at I Have A Deer, decided not to wait on Santa but create a completely amazing Louboutin DIY shoe of her own. 

Check out her post below.



Some days ago I saw this pair of Louboutin shoes when I realized I had some shoes that were really close to them.
Here how I make them (: Hope you like the final result!

The Original Shoe

Things you'll need
-High Heels Shoes
-Black spray paint
-Red spray paint
-Hot glue
-Gold Buttons

I made them in two days, it takes a bit to get them dry

Louboutin: 769$
Mine: 20€ in total

First of all take your shoes, I had to cut the straps

-With some tape and sheets from newspaper cover your shoes and let only the soles uncovered

-Spray paint the soles in red

-Once dry, cover the soles (be careful to the tape on the paint!!!) and spray paint the shoes in black

-Once dry, you should get something like this

-Then, cut the buttons-things (anyone knows what's their name?) to get a smooth surface

-Start sticking the gold buttons near the laces with hot glue

(My father's hands! He helped me so much with this project :D)

-Now take a plastic thing (mine is from a rubber box) to get a bit of red pain. Of course if you already have red liquid paint, you can skip this step (;

-With a little soft brush take some paint and cover the black spaces on the soles



I think the shoes are just lovely.

Champagne wants your feedback. Tell her what you think? 

Could you DIY a saucy pair of Louboutin's like these?


While this is the route we all should take I still would like the real thing! Right after Christmas they will be marked down!

I hope you score a pair and a Ipad!

That's really cool! Creative :)

Very creative! I would probably go this route! Seeing that everyone and their mama is rocking a pair of "red bottoms" kind of hard to tell the real from the fake. I did want a pair but I don't know if I can part with the money. Then again I have children, and I stay home so I don't know if they would get much wear to justify that type of money. I do want a pair of Jimmy Choo's though!

Hmmm neat idea. I am not a shoe crazy person but I would prefer the real thing if I love shoes like that.

Wow! That's awesome! May I ask, what kind of spray paint? Was it leather or fabric? Awesome idea and btw, I love those shoes!!

Regina, thank you so much for sharing my DIY! You'll be featured in my next post. You can't even imagine how much I love when others like my projects!!!

Thanks again (:

great job on the shoes. I am so the opposite of crafty so I know I'd mess up this project.

wow!! great job. I can see this turning out real bad if I did it but yours looked amazing!!


Very inspirational. Now if only I would actually follow through and do some of this DIY.

Working Mom Journal

Wow, this is amazing! I also droll over the real deal of Louboutin shoes, and this is just so inspirational! After all, you can have it all!!! :)
Good luck!


WTH, i need santa's elves to work on mine! LOL i admire other people's creativity and patience for DIY. great post!

Great idea! I would have never even considered a DIY for the shoes. I think they are very cute! Good job!

They look amazing and so realistic although mine definitely wouldn't look the same, I don't have the patience for DIY <3

Great Blog. keep posting!


This is cute and creative! I've never thought of that!

Okay, now that is creative! :-)

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