Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fine in the Fall

Fine in the Fall

Mother Nature said, "Let there be fall" and so it shall.

Fall happens to be my favorite time of year. It's not too cold nor too hot. We get a good amount of rainy, romantic days - which I love. There are no major allergy irritants and things are just a mix of homely sensual. For those who love football, it's that time, fall festivals are in abundance, and for many of us, we begin to prepare for the holidays.

One of the main things I love about fall is the clothing. Designers really outdo themselves with fall fashion. The colors are rich, the fabrics have texture/depth and the looks are just chic. 

The looks that I selected represent my fall style. For me, it's lots of grays and blacks, though I love the warm colors, I don't play with them as much as I should. I also like a casual chic look; nothing too fussy, nothing too  ornate, decorative, or tight. The effortless sexy look is for me.

Are you a fall girl? If so, what are you favorite pieces?


Not a fall girl but the boots are always cute and do love boots. I am trying to change up my colors every time I go to my closet I see grey,black, blue, and a few red sprinkled in.

I'm actually an every season type of girl. I embrace the flowy fabrics of spring, the lightweight brigh colors of summer, the rich jewel toned colors of fall, and the greys and blacks and warm leather and wool of winter. I love the set with the skirt and tights. It's so classic!

Yep I love fall and spring best! The weather is just right! I love when the weather is cooler so I can layer my clothing!

I must admit that I'm more of a Fall girl too. Being that I live in Minnesota, we get all of the seasons. Fall is my fav. I'm drawn to deep reds, gray, oranges, browns, black and tan. I'm currently looking for a tweed skirt.

Fall is a fabulous season to have a lot of fun with fashion. You can do so much with scarves, boots, capes... :) I love the red boots and scarf on your first picks.

Hope you're having a great day!

I really enjoy fall. I get to wear cute boots and sweaters. =)

I love Spring & Fall, do not care for the other seasons.
The one thing I love about winter ( & Fall) is having a reason to wear some boots, thighs and sweater dresses! All 3 are my favorite things to wear when it gets cold!

I love the fall - I love to wear boots and scarves - and thanks for the lovely comment.

I love fall too, and after the insanely hot summer we had its a welcome break. But it's been a little cold these past couple of days, I feel Winter knocking at the door. Luckily we Southerners have the hope of a 70 degree day or two in February ;o). Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

I love gray and black. Yesterday I had to force myself to put back a gray sweater. I need to branch out and experiment with some color.

I love Fall! My favorite pieces are scarves, leggings, big oversized sweaters. Seriously they're all so great!

I definitely enjoy fall but not winter. I love jackets and scarves, and sweaters as long as they're not itchy :)

I do like fall clothing. My favorite pieces are textured leggings, leather skirts and boots!!

Love fall, just not winter so much!! Love those choices, they are some of what I'd wear and I love grey!! Thanks for visiting me doll, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xx

Summer is both of our favorites for dressing, but for fall we both love boots and scarves!

Heather & Kayla

LOVE love winter outfits...the botos are great!

I love fall and I love all of your selections! Fabulously stylish!

I also love grays and blacks. And casual chic is definitely my style, though most days I am just casual. :)

fall is my favorite time of year, and esp the clothes.

I love boots, jeans, warm sweaters and leather coats!

here in Texas, we go from hot as hell to not-quite-hell-but-still-simmering-a-little-bit. i'm a scarf fanatic and love me some boots. i just bought tights so i can transition some of my spring pieces into fall. FYI - i love the grey skirt outfit, but would need to borrow some legs to pull it off!

Thanks for the comment! These are such good fall looks. I love wearing a turtleneck and tights with tall boots. It's a fall essential for me!

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