Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beautiful Skin; Beautiful You

Everyone woman enjoys being the picture of beauty. The picture of beauty begins with a healthy, glowing complexion. To achieve this goal, we must strive to nurture our inner beauty with a healthy diet, exercise, balance, and relaxation. When these elements are in order and we need "just a bit" of help to achieve the look of perfection, we rely on products to fill nature's gaps.

Sometimes age or environment toys with our complexion. For me, I experience bouts of hormonal acne. This acne leaves hyper-pigmentation as it does with many African-Americans, brown, and olive skin women. Additionally, friends with lighter hues experience age spots or darkening of the skin due to age or activity. When this occurs, we look for a product that is effective and budget friendly. Luminaze offers an Age Spot & Dark Spot Corrector that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of age and dark spots within 7 days. Additionally, Luminaze, when compared to leading brands, works faster to improve and provide an even appearance. One of the greatest features of Luminaze is that it can be found exclusively at Nordstrom USA or the Bay Canada.

Luminaze has stellar reviews. Luminaze is classic and timeless. Why not look great in your perfect black dress with healthy even skin with Luminaze.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions and experiences are unique to the author - Dr. Reginia


This looks like a fantastic product to definitely keep in mind. While I don't have age spots yet..I am sure at some point they'll start to creep up!

This is so helpful,thanks for sharing hope this is available in e Uk,I'm light in complexion and sometimes when iget hormorne breakouts it leaves spots and hyperpigmentation so this will be great to have. Thank you x

Thank you for sharing this! Lately I have been experiencing acne around the sides of my face. I don't know what that's all about. They have been leaving dark spots too. I may have to try this product to even my skintone back out.

@BR - I like a similar product by Clinique as well.

@Sharon - If Nordstrom is there, it is. If not, it can be ordered online.

@HH & GM - My 30s tricked me like I was a teen again. I have to keep good products in stock.

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