Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ring Around the Collar

Ring Around the Collar

Women in circles across the world frequently debate Mr. Blue Collar and Mr. White Collar. Because we are visual beings and attraction is the first connection between a pair, many argue that appeal and desire are huge factors in the selection of a mate.

Some women long for the manly physical appeal that the blue collar man often exudes. His physical presence give the appearance of strength, support and safety.He is often tall, muscular, athletically inclined yet lacking in the area of scholarship. Blue collar men vary from police officers, contractors, and men in uniform while his opposing counterpart opts for hard bottoms, khakis, lab jackets or a suit.

White collar men are often associated with being socially awkward nerds. Formally, these guys had little to no appeal and the social connection just wasn't there. However, with the explosion of  social media, white collar men are transforming today's society. Mr. White Collar seems to be gaining steady ground on the variable of appeal.

The stereotypes that align with each man may hinder a would be suitor of an acceptable mate. Should women make judgements on physical appeal alone? Attraction does matter, right?

Who's your man of choice physically? On instant, who catches your eye first, then delve into the characteristics?


I think I'm team whoever looks good in whichever color they are wearing lol!

Oh yeah, I gave u an award on my blog!

There definitely has to be an attraction, but at the end of the day, personality has to go with the attraction. I really have to get along with my other half... that's what become more attractive in the long run. :)

i like someone who is able to dress as a white collar, but if you are uptight, that's not going to work either. i guess dressing like a white collar working with the attitude and down to "earthness" of a blue collar is best for me. at the end of the day, physical attraction is important but the emotional connection and personality is probably what brings it home.

I like a man who can be white collar then switch it up to blue collar and vice versa. Attraction has to be there either way.

I am definitely a fan of the white collar gentleman. It could also have something to do with how I was brought up, but yes he must have a college degree along with an advanced degree :) I am picky...but I worked hard to get that double major and mba all before 30 hehe

I'm white collar all the way! There's something about a smart man that gets me!! Luckily I married just what turns my head. My white collar mans is a Graphic Designer and his uniform comes in the form of Levis, Jordans/Air Force 1's, and a nice button down shirt.

I used to be a "blue collar" girl, you name it, I dated it! But crazy how I married a white collar certified nerd! But I love it! Total opposites!

I think it depends too...I love my hubby in a nice suit...but I also love him in a t-shirt and jeans!

While appearance and attraction is important, I think it would be shallow to just stop there. Having a physical attraction is great, so long as we are not so distracted by it that we fail to see the real person. As to your next question, I honestly don't know what type of man would attract me first. I think both blue and white collar men can be sexy if the swag is right!

@LC - Thank you.

Historically (LOL) I'm a blue collar lover. However, as I mature and know what the bottom line is about - I've broaden my realm a bit. I am not so steadfast on a particular image but attraction is important.

It doesn't matter to me, a job really doesn't speak to who a person is until you get to know them better. I know fantastic people with crappy jobs. You have to what you have to do nowadays. A blue collar work could be moving towards something else, ehhhh. Long as he has a job I am GOOD! Lol.

I have always really been attracted to the "nerd". I married one too. He's a good mesh though. He's got the white collar thing down but he has blue collar roots. Best of both worlds!

I love this question! Here's the thing, you can dress up any blue collar man in a white collar suit but can you dress a white collar man in a uniform and get the same result? I think not :)

I will not lie and say a man in a suit isn't a huge turn on but a man who can build me a deck or fix things around the house is even better!

I guess the trick is finding a balance of both. The blue collar guy with ambition and drive in his field who can put on a suit every now and then seems like a perfect fit.... now if I could only find him!

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