Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Interest is Pinterest

My Interest is Pinterest

Pinterest is an online pinning board. 

It is a virtual site designed to organize your visions of a blissful being.

Vision boards are visual arrangements of your likes, interests, and things that you'd like to manifest within your life. Typical vision boards include images of desired families, health, vacations, marriages, spouses, love, intimacy, or whatever the missing variable may be.

Remember, the vision boards of yesteryear...
 The internet upgraded vision boards to virtual creations of expounding beauty. On Pinterest , one can create several boards on a topic of interest. I've created boards to represent my style, home decor, foods I like, wedding dresses, and an array of all that falls between. For me, Pinterest creates a sense of calm after a long day or helps me to balance at work. I can get lost for hours inside of Pinterest by creating my world exactly like I envision it.

How about you?

Are in the rapture of Pinterest? If so, leave your name or follow me on Pinterest. 


oh my goodness... i haven't been inclined to do this stuff, i haven't even visited the site. HOWEVER, i won't be surprised as i am always a late bloomer when it comes to things like this, when one day i quit my day job and become a full-time pinner! LOL

This site is very addicting and I love it. It keeps going down though I am sure they will fix that in the future. Let me make sure I am following you.

You already know I love me some Pinterest! Whenever I need inspiration for a recipe, something to make or wear I head straight to Pinterest!

It looks like an awesome site. I have to find some time to check it out! :)


I love pinterst too! I can get addictive. I wish this was around when I got married and had P. It prob was but I didn't know about it. I will follow you.

I haven't really gotten into yet, but I've heard such good things!!!

Dr. Regina thanks for sharing this. I forced my b.f to make a vision board with me a couple months ago and it's hanging in my room. lol. I'm going to try Pinterest and see what it's all about.
I'm following you. ;)

Always, T

Yep. I finally got sucked it! LOL However, I have so many great recipes to try for the holidays. I told DH about it, but he doesn't seem as excited as me. hehehehe

I am embarrassed to admit I have the vision boards of "yesteryear" lol. I have never heard of Pinterest but I am eager to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!!!

I am a Pinterest fan!

Love pinterest! I am going to stalk, I mean follow you, lol.

I love Pinterest. So much to pin, so little time..

LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest...totally addicted! LOL

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