Monday, November 7, 2011

Music Review Monday - "So Gone" Jill Scott featuring Paul Wall

So Gone - Jill Scott featuring Paul Wall

Veteran Neo-Soul artist came to the music scene with a sense of consciousness and lyrical seduction. She captivated audiences worldwide with the depths of her organic presence and essential vibrations. She's a poet, an author, and a statuesque pillar of woman. In her latest release, on her new record label, Jill expanded her realm of presentation of song into the world of R&B. Some of her fans met this with slight resistance, however as Jilly from Philly does, she memorized them with each hum, each note, and each song on her hit CD.

So Gone represents the weakness of a woman against that diamond chipped d*ck. For those who are puzzled, that's the reckless relationship that many of us have experienced without a care for others involved because the power of the penis. Paul Wall is the perfect icing for this cake. He brings that perfect bad boy edge that can sometimes get a few of us in a little romantic trouble.

Jill Scott is a neo-soul and musical icon.


Yeah I have been there done that. I love the song she still keeps it Jill Scott.

Yes so true we've all been in this type of situation. I've been on this song for a few weeks now. Love it!

Jill Scott really touches you. Love her voice. :)

Have a great day!

I love this song, it's super sexy. I love Jill Scott!



Absolutely love your blog.... I am now following...
-Dazzled and Fabulous

Can't say that I relate but I've heard of the power of the penis and the madness women will accept because of it. The song is powerful and a good message for us lovers of men and their anatomy ;-)

This is my favorite song right now...Love me some Jill

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