Monday, November 14, 2011

Music Review Monday - Dedication to Heavy D

Music Review Monday - Dedication to Heavy D

Hip Hop Music Legend and Pioneer, Dwight Arrington Myers better known as Heavy D, transitioned on November 8, 2011. 

Above is his final performance from the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards.

Heavy D was the lead man of Heavy D and The Boyz; a hip-hop group that brought style, fun, dance, and hip-hop love to the 1990s music scene. Heavy D was known as the Overweight Lover partly because of size but mostly because of his affinity for beautiful women. Heavy D had a unique presentation that mesmerized his female fans. There wasn't a concert in which he wasn't bestowed with female artifacts thrust upon stage.

Heavy D and The Boyz had a long list of hits: Girls They Love Me, Nuttin But Love, Somebody For Me, and Mr. Big Stuff.

His legend will be forever remembered.

A respectful adieu........


RIP, Heavy D. I really loved his music in high school.... Great tribute post....

That's for sharing. Hard to believe he is gone.......

I was so sad when I heard of Heavy D's passing. I just downloaded some new music from him off of iTunes a few weeks ago...I was ready for a new album! I know he's in a better place now, but it doesn't make my heart ache less. Thanks for posting the video. I hadn't seen this performance. RIP Heavy D!

Awww....tear! Heavy D was such an awesome entertainer and I hope the younger generation will take inspiration from his energetic performances, maturity, and fun-loving personality.

great tribute! loved him back in high school, still loved him until his last performance.

What a great performer. He will be missed :(

I am going to miss him. What a loss.



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