Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Man and His Beauty

The Man and His Beauty

Good looking is contagious. Its alluring, its engaging, its infectious, and a nearly billion dollar industry. In mainstream media, we are inundated with products and services, geared towards women, on how to improve, enhance, and maintain our womanly woos. Throughout an episode of your favorite television show, there are numerous images of beauty, typically women. For men, the advertisements are generally a bit a soap, water, or beer. Eh, that leaves a lot of room for improvement. Because my love for man runs deep, I want to fill in the blanks with a few suggestions that advertisers failed to share.

1. Basic grooming is all well and good, but let's add a bit of up to date scents to that hint of Dial soap. Please ditch the Obsession, Cool Water, and the rest of the aromas from the 90s. Those hadn't been cool since Fubu.

2. Less is more in the hair department. I know men are funny about shaving and think it's a girly activity, but men, we aren't the least bit turned on by the original tresses on head (locs excluded), armpits or pubes. Please trim. It's neater and cleaner. 
3. Speaking of hair. Sigh. I know the 70s had strong images of men, but the only man and I mean the only man who can sport a thick mustache is Steve Harvey. The rest of you, trim it - and NOT pencil thin either. Consult Ice Cube, he has the facial hair presentation down to a perfect science.

4. Pull your pants up. If I need to explain further, my fees are $125 hour with a 2 hour minimum.

5. Smile a natural smile. White teeth, no golds, no diamonds, no mother of pearl, no cracks and no snags. 

Ladies, what other industry gaps are prevalent? Let our guys know. Caring is sharing.

Thank us later.


I think all men should get a mani/pedi at the least every 3 months. I am sad to say that Mr fails at this. It really grosses me out!

And men let's cut the braids out of the hair also. My hubs friend went with his wife to get a mani/pedi and my hubs thinks it's all kinds of funny.

This post was so necessary. In fact, I wish I could print this out and lay it around somewhere so that a certain someone would read it.

It's about time someone addressed how men need to preserve their sexy. Women obviously have to hear and see this several times daily. Men need to hear it from time to time as well. Thanks for writing and sharing this thought!

you nailed this one and i don't think flavor flave is the man of the hour either! lol

i can't stand hair on men's backs. seriously.... it holds the odor if they sweat, so they really need to get manscaping... if they have a hairy back. the guy on the top pic is hot! :)

happy thanksgiving! wishing you happy times with your friends and family...


This is great!! I love a well groomed man too!

I agree with babyshopa...a mani/pedi is sooooo important!!

Great post!! A well groomed man is such a turn on!!


Amen!!!!!! Yes! Thank you. This post is the truth. And pedi/mani's are well needed they don't need polish if its an issue, as long as it's done.

This is a great post! Thank you Thank you Thank you! you said it all!


I can't with the dirty nails. Ugh.

Can we add attitude changes. Men it is so unattractive and thirsty looking to drool at every women or spew out corny compliments. It looks and sounds desperate and dumb.

YES YES YES Thank you for this post! The saggin pants and braids over the age of 16 is so a NO GO! I honestly look at a man's shoes and his teeth when I first meet him.

I don't know how I missed the mani/pedi. There's nothing worse than being with a guy who looked as if he snacked on his nails. Yuck.

Crusty feet..yulk too.

The long hair/braids must die as well.

Yes good shoes are a must. My granny told me that one.

Attitudes...yes ma'am. All the little boy entitled whining needs to stop.

Manscaping is a must too.

I only ask one thing...please take your shoes off at the front door! Nothing like my plush carpet being messed up with some dirty shoes!

Yup, clean nails are a must. Sometimes they just don't get it, do they?

My man has just started shaving his head, and I like it :)

Good post! A must-read for men, most especially those who still think like boys.

This is why I like "pretty boys" I like a dude that takes the time to always smell good and look nice. Even if it just a nice t-shirt, jeans that fit, and nice sneakers.

I absolutly despise men wearing basketball short any other time than to play basketball or aournd the house!!!! I would take sweat pants before I let you make a quick run with me wearing those things, okay I had to vent about that. I just have a problem with my man having his junk all out there like that, lol.

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