Sunday, November 27, 2011

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are now behind us. Many savvy shoppers, crowd "avoiders" and deal seekers are geared and ready for GO - Cyber Monday.

My sister and I dared to brave the crowds of Black Friday only to find there wasn't a crowd. I assume that our turkey meal caused a bit of "iTis" and we didn't hit the stores at midnight like we originally planned, like we always plan, because we typically get up around "normal time" on Black Friday. We went to the mall, JC Penny, Ross, Marshall's, Starbucks, the mall again, Big Lots, Von Maur, Dilliard's, Gap, Apple (they had a crowd) and some shoe stores - no real crowds.

The Pros - no crowds anywhere. No lines, no running, no ratchetness, just easy breezy shopping. We weren't looking for anything in particular, we just wanted to be out and about. She found an iPod home deck radio thing, some tights, and I found some clothes and a mixing bowl. How exciting!

We also had a few good meals and enjoyed people watching. We looked at houses and what not too. (Jumps for joy)

The Cons - Some simpleton hit my car and left. Too bad he thought that he was in the clear, someone got the tag number and left a note. Now I have to deal with the drama. The other con is that I have way toomany leftovers and they now have to dub as lunch for the rest of the week. Hearing about the frivolous fighting, pepper spraying, and foolery in the news is always a con. There's nothing about a TV, toys, and a 1 dollar pair of panties that's ever serious enough for me to engage like a rabid animal.

What did you guys do? 

Did you catch a lot of great deals? See some ratchetness?

Tell me all about it.


There weren't any crowds where I went either! I was so surprised! I didn't get much because I guess what I really wanted people took at midnight. But the old navy in my neighborhood was PACKED! I did get lots of clothes for me and the boy there!

I went out just to be in the atmosphere but I saw no crowds either. Wally world was a bit crowded but the outlets were empty. Brandsmart was busy I went to look for a printer. But it was too much of a crowd so I left. Glad you had a relaxed weekend.

There were definitely crowds in the suburbs! I didn't go at midnight or 4am but I did venture into the outlet malls at good deals.

Glad you had a nice holiday! Hanging out with your sister sounds like fun! No shopping for me! I stayed in all weekend! I had a nice, low key Thanksgiving!

We got out later than most this black Friday. Hubs and I had a great time goofing and looking for the perfect gifts for the kids.

The stores here in the area was just insane. People really were into black friday shopping for apparel. I'm sorry to hear someone hit your car. I'm just glad someone saw them and took down their info. I swear some people think they can get away with shit. I bet they're planning to deny it too.

I hope that you get that situated

ooohhh girl, i'm still recovering from your unthankful thanksgiving food tweets and the hood family of the ex. whew! i'm not a black friday shopper because this is the time where i begin to hate people, you know, those that are right next to you, your clothing actually touches theirs and they're the ones in front of you in the line while you're way back. didn't really do a lot of online shopping either, but got some blu ray dvd's at best buy. mostly, hung out with friends, football - the usual. just enjoying a four-day weekend that's about to end tomorrow. booo.

I wouldn't couldn't go out there with the craziness... tried finding deals online but found I will try tomorrow ?

we laid low this holiday. didn't hit any sales. I am looking forward to cyber Monday though. :)

I went out. Wasn't that bad. Nothing for me only shopped for the children.

Somebody hit you car. Ratchetness at it's best...but thank goodness for the good samaritan

OMG....I'm glad there was a good samaritan there to be a witness and leave you a note. Ugghh! But on the other hand, you and your sister hit up a slew of good stores. I'm now ready for Cyber Monday.

I stayed away from black Friday, but it's nice you didn't run into any crowds. And I'm glad someone got the number of your hit and run. Though it's too bad you have to deal with it.

My crazy butt went to walmart! I made it out alive! I love black friday. I usually have a game plan and go for certain items, normally something big.

I went house shopping on Friday. I know, not the usual on Black Friday but I need to find my house, LOL!!
Sounds like a really nice time with Sis :-) And, sorry about your car :-(

Me and my boyfriend went out and did Black Friday for electronics and that's where ALL the people were, all the crazy people! Never again! First time, last time! We got what we wanted, the deals were amazing but it was definitely a hassle. Can't revisit it again though, too much for me.

lucky you, so great to have left overs for lunch. i love warm lunches. sorry about your car.

The soup looks delicious! Its foggy and ugly in The Bay so a bowl of soup would be awesome!
No deals here. I went to Walmart at noon and there were no good deals around. The few stores I went in had all been ran through and were a mess. I bought nothing deal worthy. Cyber Monday was a bust too. Black Friday is overrated.

Sorry to hear about your car! At least they left a note. Folks who hit my car never leave a note -_-

I had someone hit my car while grocery shopping a while back, a good smaration left me a note with the tag number too! There are still good people out there, awesome.

I went to the mall for one thing, Jordan Cememt 3s. I didn't wait in line just walked in got them and walked back out. I was home sleep by 1am, lol. I look forward to cybermonday now, less hassle and I can browse as many stores as I like. (Lazy shopper)

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