Friday, October 28, 2011

Rest & Relaxation

Rest & Relaxation

Our daily lives are full of movement, activities, challenges, and experiences. We are mothers who care for our families. We are women of business/employment. We are socialites, caregivers, lovers, friends, peacemakers and authoritarians. Each add to or subtract from our balance and harmony. However, we are required to trudge forward with a face of wellness and completion when sometimes we are internally tired. 

What do you to do rejuvenate your personal sanctuary and balance harmony?


That's my honeymoon Barbados...I love that place!!!

I usually go to my closet to get some peace. The picture looks so much better though.

Now I see why people take trips alone! But just having a drink with a girl friend to talk helps me rejuve! And of course shopping as long as Mr is treating!

Ooo, I want a honeymoon @Mrs. Pancakes. I would love to vacation in Barbados. It is on my To Visit List.

@Kita - I have a serenity room but it's not quite finished. So for now, I veg out on the couch in front of the fireplace.

@Baby Shopa - I vacation alone frequently. What happens on vacation stays on vacation. ...and relaxation too.

If I want to rejuvenate I usually go for a massage :) I think you should try the pattern mixing, honestly it's not as daunting as it sseems ;)

Sometimes a long hot bath and just some quite time to myself really helps.

Thanks for visiting my blog! You have a great blog!


I read. Whether it's my bible or something from my personal library collection. It's a wonderful escape and relaxation. I also curl up under my covers and watch movies....but that's a little rare for me.

Hubs sent me for a massage once and actually suggested a bubble bath earlier today. Honestly, sometimes just going to the park (when it's warm) and getting lost in my fashion magazines is refuge.

Vacation is always great too!

Sometimes just getting out of the house for a bit, without kids, is a great rejuvenation for me, even if it's just grocery shopping. :)

I turn my cell phone off because everything I answer my phone, somebody has something for me to do. That way I can control my time instead of letting other people talk me into using my time for unplanned events that cut into my R&R time.

I made the decision today to put on my things to do list, meditate today. I put everything else on that list and when I turn around I didn't get in my meditation time. I put it on the list and now it's a priority like everything else.

I wish I could go to the place in the picture, but usually I just need some "me" time. I like to relax and take care of myself, such as mani/pedi, getting my hair done, etc.
Although I enjoy my mom role, I enjoy being a diva too. lol

Well, tonight is spa night with the parents of multiples club that I belong to, so I'm really looking forward to a massage!

My favorite way to relax is to shop alone! lol!

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