Saturday, October 15, 2011

O You Weekend (Atlanta)

O You! Weekend (Atlanta)

The Georgia World Congress Center was host to the O You! The Oprah Magazine Event. The marvelous event was today, October 15, 2011 with long line of star studded speakers such as: Gayle King, Dr. Oz, Suze Orman, Bob Greene, Martha Beck, Nate Berkus, Peter Walsh, Donna Brazile and a host of others. 

Ikea is a sponsor of O Magazine. A reception with celebrity organizer, Peter Walsh, was held in the swanky Atlantic Station location. The event included spirit filled conversations with Peter Walsh, an Ikea Swag Bag, delightful hor d'oeuvres, and a simmering buzz from the attendees. Many of the attendees were duly excited about the O You Event and some came as far away as Seattle. The diverse crowed was eager to gain empowerment tips and affirmations that helped each develop their authentic beings.

Such a lovely event.

What are you doing to be the best you?


Just fabulous! I've been so inspired by Oprah and how she lives her amazing life. Looks like you had a wonderful time!
Keep moving forward ~ that's what I'm doing to be the best me. So many times in the past I would allow outside circumstances to stop me dead in my tracks. Those days are over because I've learned that those circumstances are just going to be a part of my life. It is what it is.

Wow, such a nice event! Looks like you had a fabulous time! I love your shirt and necklace!!!

Oh Dr. so glad you were able to attend! i've been seeing the ads. honestly lately i've been watching OWN and she totally is inspiring me more and more! she never stops learning and growing and that's a beautiful thing.

This looks like a fantastic event! I bet you met a lot of great people!! What am I doing to be the best me? I think I am trying to be true to myself. For a long time I tried to make other's happy but in the end it was at my expense.

Looks like such a great time.
Your questions isn't one that I readily have a response for, because I am still a work in progress and trying to figure out how to keep my best foot forward.
Thanks for my thought of the day. ;)

this seems like an amazing even to be a part of! i think one of the best thing i am doing to be the better or best person i can be is self-care. that's right. it's sounds selfish, but i really believe that i cannot be a better person to myself or to others unless i take care of me first. it comes in many forms, i try to eat right (that is hard when there is a plate of buffalo wins staring in front of me, hahah), exercise, but most of all - taking some down time or alone time. also knowing when to say no so i don't overstretch myself. love this question you posed for everyone.

This looked fun and of course anything that deals with Oprah will have you learning a lesson or two. I am a work in progress so learning is what I am doing to be the best me. I am glad you had fun.

Cool that you went to the reception. I loved the conference! Everything was perfect!

Wish I was able to attend...I am really enjoying the Lifeclass!!!!! Thanks for sharing Brittany

I wish they would come to NYC. This looks fantastic.

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