Monday, October 24, 2011

Music Review Monday - "Love On Top" - Beyonce'

"Love On Top" - Beyonce' 

Beyonce' Knowles - Carter is one of the hardest working women in entertainment. She is a vault of beauty and talent that matured from her days as a video girl, leading member of Destiny's Child and now an world renowned icon.

Beyonce's latest CD - 4 - is heavily influence by her travels and introspective look on life. Her "voice" is now that of one who experiences life through the lens of an adult yet along the same parallels as common citizens. She has a renewed spirit and sense of direction. The video for the latest single, "Love On Top" gives a nostalgic feel of the chart topping boy band, New Edition. 

Beyonce continues to grow as an artist and person. She and husband, Sean "Jay-Z" Carter will welcome an addition to their family sometime in February. Many blessings to their family.


This song had to grow on me. I started to like it after she did it on MTV. I wish her the best because despite it all she is doing her thing.

I'll be honest I miss the Dangerously in love type songs from Beyonce!

I am really loving the song. It seems like a more grown up Beyonce in some ways. However, I enjoy all her music...variety is nice. ;)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BEY!!!!! She can do NO WRONG in my book!!!!

I only found the song a few hours before I decided to post. I read about it on other blogs and decided to take a listen.

I've been a Beyonce fan for a while but I didn't dig this CD right away. I didn't like Girl Rule the World or whatever it's called.

Beyonce is fabulous and I would just like 1/10 of her fortune :D I hope you'll check out the link to the similar blazer H&M is now offering so you can hunt it down at your local store :)

I didn't fall in love with this song until I saw her perform it live in New York. Its such a feel good song and a great the New Edition feel.

So funny! This was one of my fave songs from jump. I feel like Beyonce always pushes her boundaries and people don 't always like it at first, but they always come around. The thing is she is an artist, and nothing frustrates an artist more than being stuck in a box. They are constantly creating something's what makes them great.

Love this song...loved it more when she performed it on MTV

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