Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Making Love Better TwoGether with Yanni Brown

Making Love Better TwoGether with Yanni Brown

Yanni Brown is an author and relationship expert.
Her debut book "Making Love Better Begins Within" is a vivid illustration of the journey of life's lessons.

On Sunday, October 23, Ms. Brown led a book chat discussing the inspiration of "Making Love Better Begins Within". She led conversations about love, hurt, health, and how the experiences of these relationships catapulted the published words of wisdom.

Members of the crowd engaged in pivotal conversations about the various elements of forgiveness and how forgiveness leads to healing.
Yanni Brown and attendee
Ms. Brown was candid regarding her experiences which allowed many of the attendees to connect and extend connections.

Brown states, "[Making Love Better Twogether] was created to empower and inspire relationships. If we are able to uplift and inspire individuals then we can create environments of healthy relationships and healthy marriages". 

Ms. Brown's book may be purchased through her website

Also follow her on Twitter @MakingLoveBettr.
25D Bennett St. Atlanta, GA 30309


We need to spread more postive info about relationships! You hear to much negativity! Thanks for sharing!

Wow! Thank you for sharing! This is so positive! Great blog!

Thanks Dr. Reginia for writing this. I had an awesome time in Atlanta. It was great to share my story and connect with these amazing women.

What a great share! I've been looking for a great relationship book that was also inspirational and REAL. This seems to be it. There are too many books out there still focused on cliche relationship problems.
Thanks!! :)

Thank you for introducing us to a great author and awesome book...a little positivity in relationships is needed because relationships are wonderful things!

Lovely! I will take a look at her website and am following on twitter.

Thank you ladies so much for your kind words. I really do appreciate them.

I would love to know your thoughts about the book once you've read it.

Thank you sharing.

Yanni Brown

#AMEN we need to spread more LOVE!!!! I follow her on twitter and her tweets inspire... I have to get the book!

This sounds like a good book to get wrapped up in. I love positivity and so many people need to understand the maturity that is required for successful relationships.

Interesting! I have just discovered your blog and I'm your new follower!


Yanni Brown presents a dynamic book that truly speaks of self love and building relationships on positive foundations. If you're looking for a great fall read, this is it.

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