Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How May I Help You?

How May I Help You?

Buying, bargaining, and bartering makes us customers. Items and services are critical parts of our lives. The need for essential items puts us in the role of "customer". As Mr. and Mrs. Customer, we expect pleasant, effective service. When entering a store, we expect to be greeted, helped when needed, respected, and valued. However, changes in society, stimulated an unfortunate decline in customer service. Greetings are meager, money is tossed on the counter, and a growing number of service representatives have the etiquette of a hormonal dragon. Customers are routinely disappointed with the declination in service among our frequent and favorite stores.

General conversation among friends and cordial strangers unveiled that some companies routinely have problematic and nearly disgusting problems with adequate customer service.

A general search with everyone's favorite friend, Mrs. Google, one can quickly find companies with horrendous service: Comcast, AT&T, most computer companies because of outsourcing, all government agencies, Atlanta Watershed Management, Sprint, Wells Fargo, AirTran, Wal-Mart, and DirectTV. 
Some companies pride themselves on stellar service therefore train their employees to be face of the company's vision. Unfortunately, the aforementioned companies are no longer in the business of respecting their customers as long as the customer continues to spend their money.

What are your opinions on the current levels of service among businesses? Are there any other companies that need to revisit their customer services practices?


You hit the nail on the head with all of them Tmobile, georgia power can sometimes be a pain, I have had problems with Publix and don't get me started on Kroger. I think people don't care anymore about customer service you will find some people that still value it but for the most part everyone is rude.

I think the nicest employees work at Publix and Chic-Fil-A!

i left AT&T nine years ago because of their horrendous customer service, but they caught up with me at T-Mobile because of their merger, I fled again somewhere else. Never again. Sometimes I think that people do not understand what customer service means, and now that it's all outsourced, it becomes a little bit harder to manage and handle.

I think what I HATE most is calling customer service and it's in another COUNTRY and they cannot understand a word you are saying and vice versa!!!! ~Customer Service is surely NOT what it use to be!!!! I highly agree with Brandi Publix & Chic-Fil-A is on TOP of the list for providing above & beyond customer service!!!!

~Great POST!!!!


I agree with Brandi. Publix and Chick Fil A are two places I can go and know without a doubt that I am going to get outstanding service.

I tell people all the time Customer Service doesn't exist anymore. We would like to say we won't spend our money with companies who don't respect us, but we would likely go hungry and be naked. Sad.Sad.Sad.

Most Publix employees are pretty friendly when I go. I am not too much of a Chik-fil-a fan so my time there is infrequent. I wish more companies would invest in proper customer service.

I absolutely loathe that IT companies are sending work overseas. I think they should state when you are buying the product that after the point of sale, the customer will have to interact with foreign workers. For me, it hasn't been a pleasant experience ever. Not because of nationality but the language barrier makes it exceptionally hard to communicate effectively.

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