Sunday, September 18, 2011

Taliah Waajid - World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show

Taliah Waajid - World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show

Georgia International Convention Center was host to the fall World Natural Hair Show. The show featured demonstrations, products, seminars, and entertainment. Patrons of the event were greeted with a host of sample products, colorful booths, and opportunities to network with natural hair enthusiasts as well as other small businesses. Professional workshops included: Loc Styling, Tree Braid Creations, Ceramic Press and a wealth of others. Several vendors offered everything from wellness classes, holistic body treatments, and the flyest earrings in the Nation.

The event was family friendly and definitely a must see.

Natural Chica and Me

Natural Chica
Fly as ever



We never have anything this cool in my city. I'm just gonna have to make the drive next time GA has a natural hair event. You've received an award over at my blog!!! Please stop by to retrieve it!

I use Taliah on P's hear. Are you taking part in the Fro Fashion week?

being married to a beautiful queen myself, i have an appreciation for all that black women put themselves through to look glorious for us. keep it up cause its working. that goes triple for you Doc. with your fine self.

Such a FAB event... how did I miss this???!!! Look like great vendors were amongst the crowd as well!

Aww seems like you really enjoyed yourself at the natural hair show!!!


@HHGM - That's what I love about Atlanta, it's such a social city. I would love to meet you when you come to the city.

@BS- I haven't tried any of the products yet. Are they heavy? I am going to one event with Fro Fashion Week.

@PG- Thanks for the beautiful compliment. I love great LOVE stories. Much love to you and your queen.

@Lynn - The vendors had items. My favorite part was meeting Natural Chica.

@Ashley- It was a nice event.

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