Friday, September 30, 2011

Special Delivery

Michelle doing it swell.
I didn't take these pics tho.

Special Delivery - "Michelle Obama" Edition

Dear Michelle,

It has come to my attention that you went shopping at our favorite store yesterday. I thought we chatted about shopping in Target together next time. From the look of things, you found a lot of nice stuff. Did you go to check out the Missoni line? Girl, that Missoni really isn't me. It really gives me a Yoko Ono feel and honey being 5'10 barefoot, I can't do the Yoko Ono look. Truth be told, I don't think Barack will like it either but who knows, I'm your BFF, not his; he's just my favorite president.
Girl, I hope you didn't get caught up in the Health/Beauty section. That section gets me every time. Because of them, I have 50-11 tubes of lip gloss, soap, deodorant and tissue. Then, I get stuff in the home decor section. Don't you think Target has the best towel sets? Honey, let me tell you, all of my bathrooms are stocked because of them. Just in case you didn't know, Target has great sales on CDs and books. Oh, before I forget, you know I'll have an eBook coming out in 2012. Yes ma'am. You'll be able to download it to your Kindle, eReader or iPad. Yes ma'am.

Before I go, can you do me a huge favor, know those dudes that roll with you sometimes....YES girl them, could you ask them if they would check out the Target near me before I go next time to make sure that Shondaquala and her chillins aren't in there wreaking a ratchet havoc on the place. I hate when they do that. They really should leave that for the "Rollback" prices place. Uggh.
But for real, next time call me. The Target stores in Atlanta are far better than the ones in the DC area. You know, we're sorta fancy down here. 

Because of you First Lady Obama, I went to Target today and spent $32.52.

Love you and tell the family I said "Hey".


Lol the only person that recognized her was the cashier I would have thought she was an imposter. I am so glad she is so down to earth and who does not love target.

That is an awesome picture of the first lady at target! I haven't gone in a while but should do so...wonder if there are any more missoni items?? lol

I saw these pics on the net too today. I love that Michelle shops at places like Target and the Gap. I love her! She is so down to earth. One of the comments said that she was buying dog food and dog treats. I would have passed on that Missoni stuff too! I am cracking up at "Shondaquala and her chillins"!!! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

LOL @ 50-11 line. Girl not too many people can resist the powers of Targehhh including Mrs Obama !

I just love that she is keeping it real!
Makes me feel good to know that people in high places can hang out in places where I shop. ;)

My goodness! Check her out pushing the cart! You'll never catch any other previous first ladies doing that.

oh my gosh, i love this letter to michelle! cracked me up, especially the missoni stuff, i feel you on that one. i feel like a placemat every time i see it! lol

Your letter was hilarious! Reading it was so personal that I felt like I was eavesdropping. Seriously, though I've never spoken to you I could hear your voice as I read the letter. I don't me crazy :D

Wrecking a ratchet havoc? *dead* Hilarious! I'm assuming the guy behind her is the secret service!

These pictures prove that our girl The First Lady is down to earth, I loved y'all's conversation by the way. When y'all go to Target call me.

Thanks everyone. I love First Lady Obama.

@Erica - That's such a huge compliment. Thank you so much.

Awh, this post really made me laugh. It's so cute! I love how she still shops at Target like a normal person.

I just came across your blog and I am totally loving it. :D Keep it up.


Hahaha!! If I didn't know any better I would really think you and Mrs. O had a thing going on ;-) Love the letter.
Don't they have the cutest bathroom sets!! I love and agree totally.

this is great...but is this a publicity stunt?!

@ Thank you Vale.

@Carrie - Thank you. Following you back as well.

@ Lisa C. Yes girl. I've been here almost 7 years. It's home for now.

@Mrs. Pancakes - I don't think it's a publicity stunt. She just wanted to do her own shopping for a change.

Too funny. Dead at "50-11". How come you didn't tell your girl about the .99/$1.29 sample size aisle :)

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