Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Hair is "Layed" Like YouTube

My Hair is "Layed" Like YouTube

Do you have a secret obsession with all things YouTube? Do you frequent YouTube for your source of music videos, DIY instructions, TV clips, and all shenanigans in between. If you answered "Yes" to the aforementioned, you are not alone. Millions of Internet junkies and cruisers, browse YouTube daily. Typically, I browse YouTube for DIY home maintenance information, make up tutorials, and music videos. However, these searches often land me in the land of random, pastures of hilarious, and sheets of shenanigans.

Case and point; below is a video of a YouTuber who gives editorials and feedback on all things pop culture. I absolutely could not stop watching him. I laughed until I cried. It is adult humor, so watcher beware.

If you can stop laughing, check out the other videos, especially his most recent commentary on Basketball Wives LA. LOL Completely scandalous.

One of my favorite make up gals is Queen of Blending. I've followed her since her days on MySpace. She has grown tremendously and that's such a great accomplishment. Though some of her looks are very glam, check out her work. She gives great tips on how to properly blend eyeshadow.

Lastly, in an effort to do some of my own home improvement projects, I often watch demonstrations on how to do wood floor or stain concrete. I haven't decided on which I prefer for my downstairs area.

I love YouTube!

What are your favorite videos on YouTube?


Yes, I have my hand raised, YouTube is one of my guilty pleasures.

I actually get to use you tube clips a lot or work! Yes...I have the coolest job ever!!!

What is going on with that first video!!! LMBO

I don't visit Youtube that much, but when I do I am usually there for a long time. I like to listen to songs via old music videos. I find it relaxing. I guess I should check out some other stuff. ;)

"oh yea bitch, i want some ass and a brotha on the background..." oh hell, that is sooo hilarious! the chinese bangs! i had those bangs when i was little! haha i've been recently watching youtube makeup stuff because i am a lazy makeup user. i love them, but i use them in really basic way! you are right, you can watch all kind of sh!t on that site!

I don't watch a whole lot of youtube...but when I do need a tutorial on make-up I do like to visit Michelle Phan's channel!

Ok, so I have a new person to sub to! I love watching different youtube vids while im working out, it helps me not notice how tired I am, lol! I like theskorpionshow and themagickjumpoff (Pank Cup Boy) too!

@Toya - My mother and I got side tracked all of Saturday because of YouTube.

@FAB - They told us to YouTube as an instructional too but umm it's blocked so Yeah...not gonna work. lol

@inHERshoes - Divera cracks me up. I love how he connects his hair to pop cultures...reverse Chinese bang. lol

@BR - Thanks for the reference. I will check her out as well.

@Christina - PankCupBoy is another favorite. I love when he starts talking about Doritoes. lol

i have to admit i'm a youtuber for videos only. i've never even looked at tutorials though I know it's a great source for hairdo's, make up, etc... I really need to expand my watching options!

B So Chic!

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