Monday, September 26, 2011

Music Review Monday - "You" - Raheem DeVaughn

You - Raheem DeVaughn

If you are a before 80's baby, like me, you're probably having trouble finding quality music that you can relate to. Look no further, this brother - Raheem DeVaughn provides a edge of new school with a voice drowned in classic soul. Though "You" is one of his older hits, it gives a full impression of his talent. Not only is his music seductive and soulful, it has an underlying message of adoration for women (in whatever sense you may perceive).

Side note: as a singer, it is a great plus that one has an attractive mouth. Look at how the words just ooze out of those beautiful lips.

Raheem DeVaughn is on tour. Check him out when he comes to your town


Yes!!!! I love this song! I'm so glad you shared this hit this morning. I've been jonesing over Raheem Devaughn for years and this is the song right here that made me fall in love with him lol. I hope he comes near my city soon!

<3 Dre

Nice!! I could definitely play this in the house and just chill.

I love him! I saw him the other night at a party I went to. Him, Anthony Hamilton and Musiq are about all this generation has. I try to play old school tunes in the house so my son will at least have an idea of what good music sounds like. No hope for this generation. Waka Flaka, and Ray J will be classics to these children. *smh*

He's divine!!! Quality music is so hard to find. Oh those lips!!!

i like this song too. my husband actually introduced me to his music. Is he coming to Atlanta? i am soooooooooooooo upset Adele's concert is sold out at the Fox Theater.

@Fashion Pad - yes the lips. Have you seen his video for "Single"?

@Brandi - He's so soulful. He was in Atlanta last week at the Civic Center.

i am a fan of Raheem! IHubby is not! I love this song and you are hilarious talking about an attractive mouth! LOL!

I love Raheem. He's set as one of my Pandora stations...his music, glass of wine, peaceful house = good evening!

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