Monday, September 5, 2011

Music Review Monday - "So In Love" Jill Scott featuring Anthony Hamilton

So In Love

The beautiful and ever so sultry Jill Scott does it again with her CD - The Light of the Sun. Jill greets us with a slightly new sound which titters into the realm of R&B. Jill further stretches her sound with a hint of Calypso and hip-hop without forgetting her foundation of poetry.

The song, "So in Love" features the soulful Anthony Hamilton. The pair pay homage to the beauty of love, courtship and mutual respect. This song does EVERY SINGLE THING to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who is within its ear length.

Do not forget to support Jill's last CD with Hidden Beach titled - The Original Jill Scott from the Vault Vol 1. Though the CD is surrounded in controversy, it is not without the smooth sounds of Miss Jill Scott.


I like Jill Scott, something about her spirit just shines in her music.

I really like Jill too. I've yet to miss a concert or CD.

Oooooo....Love me some Jill Scott. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a beautiful comment! I would absolutely LOVE to be featured. Thanks Diva!


i like the balance of love song, but it also has that beat to dance to it.

Can't wait to buy Jil's new CD.
I just found out she writes poetry,
found a copy of her book in the

I like this song. I've been seeing this video on MTV Jams I think it is, quit often.

Yay! This CD is on repeat in my car! I love every single son. Jill NEVER disappoints!

Love this song, love Jill, love Anthony, love this duet.

It's a shame that I have slept on Jill's latest CD. Where have I been. I need to commence to downloading! lol

Love this song, thanks for posting!

she is too Jill!

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