Monday, September 12, 2011

Music Review Monday - "Rolling In the Deep" Adele

Rolling In the Deep

Adele is a growing sensation on the music scene. The gorgeous buxom beauty is a British sensation with a powerhouse voice like many of her iconic predecessors such as Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera.

Adele was born in Britian in 1988. However, don't allow this youthful age deter you from the soulful voice and spirit. Adele states that her initial songs were motivated by a hurtful break-up.

Keep an ear out for Adele. She has a long career ahead of her.


That is my jam!!! Its the first thing I listen to when I get to my office. I went out and bought both of her albums. I love adele!!!

I love Adele, I thought is was in her 30s! She carries herself as a very mature woman, which is good.

I love her music and she has such a powerful voice

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i adore Adele. i remember when i first saw her on VH1 many years ago as a new artist to watch. she has such a strong and powerful voice. her lyrics really touch home for me. my daughter loves her too. she sings a great version of Rolling In the Deep, brings tears to my eyes every time she sings it for me.

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