Monday, September 19, 2011

Music Review Monday - "Fool for you" Cee-lo featuring Melanie Fiona

"Fool For You" - Cee-lo featuring Melanie Fiona

Cee-lo has made quite the presence this year with his Liberace get-ups and colorful performances. However, the sight of visual confusion doesn't take away from the soulful vibrations, and unique sounds that he presents to his audience. 

"Fool For You" is a deeply seductive song that drowns your thoughts into the pools of intense, powerful love been a pair (maybe more). Remember that lover that stirred every emotion, lit your fire, and had you nearly begging for more of their undeniable affection. Reflect on how the simplicity of their being was so infectious.This song is the foundation of all of that. So, take a second to remember that one who takes (or took) you there and feel every bar of "Fool for You".


I love this song every time it comes on I am singing it. My friend who is getting married said they are going to find a way to dance to this song. It's powerful if you have ever been in love.

I love this song, I'm listening to it again. Thanks for sharing.

BEAUTIFUL SONG!!!!! I love it... Thanks for sharing!!!!!

Thanks for sharing this song. Definitely got it turned up this morning! ;)

I'm not a big CeeLo fan but this song is really nice. I love Melanie's voice! Def. makes you want to fall in love all over
Ps. I nominated you for a blog award :) on my beauty blog check it out here

This song is so beautiful! I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing :)

I love this song, I'm a fool for yooouuuuuu!

I cannot get enough of this song! Great review!

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