Thursday, September 8, 2011

Give Me My Ball Back

Give Me My Ball Back

Halt, stop and discontinue all movement; I need your ear for a minute. Have you ever been in the middle of something, a game, shopping, traveling, love making, and wanted to stop and start again from the beginning? Sure you have, we all have. I wonder if President Obama is thinking this now.  As the country sinks further into economic despair and approval ratings are scattered, I wonder if President Obama wants to say, "Give Me My "Ball" Back!"  
President Obama

Currently, the President receives a wealth of undue criticism regarding the style in which he chooses to run the country. I, too, am a bit bothered with his "let's play fair" style of leadership. President Obama, from me to you, that shit ain't working. Right now, today, September 8, 2011, all bets are off with the Mr. Nice Guy role that you have. I hate it, the people hate, and the Republican Tea Party is bouncing your "balls" all over the playground.

Mr. President, it's time for you to walk up to John Boehner's crybaby ass and ask for your balls back. He's a wimp and will cry at the sound of a dog barking.

I know it's tough because when crybaby wimp types are supported by bullies and thugs, they get this sense of toughness and power. From me to you, blow that bullshit to the wind. Mr. President, you are a scholar by right, by merit, and by spirit, but this time, shuck the Mr. Nice Guy role and do what's right for the people.

Deep down, we still love you. We love all the things Barack Obama, but we NEED you to saddle up, look Boehner in his pussy wet eyes and say, "Look MF, Give Me My Balls Back, I've got a country to run".


LOL I have to laugh but at the same point I can understand the frustration that you are expressing. I wish I knew the answers to fix it all because I would just go for it.

This was definitely a tough post to write I am sure! Our country is just not how it used to be and getting things back on track has just been tough! Thank you so much for stopping by and recently commenting on my blog, as well as following it! I just realized I wasn't following so I've corrected that...btw my Mom's name is Regina ;)

@OM - It is very frustrating to see the country in this state. I think the President is faced with a lot of undue resistance. However, I think he needs to make definitive decisions as well.

@BR - It was a tough post to write. Overall, I wanted to stay away from politics and religion; however they are issues that affect women so they will come up from time to time.

Regina is a great name for great women. I can't wait to see your post about her. BTW, your blog is so chic. I love your style.

Lol! Truer words have never been spoken! I know the president has it in him, that's why he was elected, but now is a time when we need him to move action and get us on the right track becoming the leader we elected!

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