Saturday, September 10, 2011

Betsey Johnson's Runway Show - Atlanta

Betsey Johnson's Runway Show - Atlanta

On Tuesday, September 6, a fashion show featuring Betsey Johnson's designs, was held at the W - Buckhead. The mixer started about 7 pm with the show starting a bit after 8. The show featured Betsey's fun and festive designs in a variety of eye catching colors. The models were edgy with dramatic make-up and hair.

The crowd was chic and diverse yet moderately energetic. There was a bit of chit chat amongst the show goers, but everyone was busy trying to be fab and be seen (that's how we roll in Atlanta). Many of the local commoners were slightly eager (thirsty as they call it) and snapped pictures of every.single.thing. They had a buzz about them that reminded me of a gnat at a picnic. o_O. 

For me, the greatest part of the show was seeing Derek J in valet. He is the cutest ever and a nice guy.

Unfortunately, due to fire code, many of the would be participants were turned away (that sucks). Inside were a few local celebrities, bloggers, and celebs I didn't know (oh well). Overall, it was a great show (especially from the front row, thanks Nikka). My suggestions to the organizers are; better lighting on the runway (because a few models fell down the steps), a larger setting, and better appetizers at the mixer. 

My grade to them, B+.

For more pictures from the show, visit our FB FanPage.


Wow! Lots of great bright colors in the outfits! Models actually tripped down the stairs? Ouch!

sounds like such a fun event. glad you got to meet Derek!

They are cute and so are the clothes, I don't know how they walk in those shoes I would fall down even with better lighting.

Looks so fun! I love Betsey Johnson but am a bit too old to pull off most of her looks.

The event was a lot of fun. It was great to see a top designer's show in action. Ouch is right...I can't believe a few of the models stumbled. :(

That sounded like such a fun event definetly one to remember. I like Betsey Johnson, her line is always so energetic and bold! good pictures

wow, looks like it was pretty eventful. Loving those bright colors for Betsy J, as always :]

poor stumbly models, maybe it was their shoes. I know I can't walk in them, that's for sure!!


I hate I missed the show. I love betsy johnson clothes. Derek J is FAB! We have the same shoe guy!

Wow can't believed a few of the models stumbled, but then again I can because look at the heels they are walking in...definitely possible for anyone. How great you were able to meet the Fabulous Derek J :)

Looks like a great event! I would love to see a Betsey Johnson show! I always love her designs. From what I can ses {in that shoulders-up pic}, you looked fab! LOL! Love your hair!

The colors were great.

Thanks for all the compliments.

I wish we had stuff like this is in Miami ::Sigh:: I'm glad you had a great time. You look great mama ;)


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