Friday, September 30, 2011

Special Delivery

Michelle doing it swell.
I didn't take these pics tho.

Special Delivery - "Michelle Obama" Edition

Dear Michelle,

It has come to my attention that you went shopping at our favorite store yesterday. I thought we chatted about shopping in Target together next time. From the look of things, you found a lot of nice stuff. Did you go to check out the Missoni line? Girl, that Missoni really isn't me. It really gives me a Yoko Ono feel and honey being 5'10 barefoot, I can't do the Yoko Ono look. Truth be told, I don't think Barack will like it either but who knows, I'm your BFF, not his; he's just my favorite president.
Girl, I hope you didn't get caught up in the Health/Beauty section. That section gets me every time. Because of them, I have 50-11 tubes of lip gloss, soap, deodorant and tissue. Then, I get stuff in the home decor section. Don't you think Target has the best towel sets? Honey, let me tell you, all of my bathrooms are stocked because of them. Just in case you didn't know, Target has great sales on CDs and books. Oh, before I forget, you know I'll have an eBook coming out in 2012. Yes ma'am. You'll be able to download it to your Kindle, eReader or iPad. Yes ma'am.

Before I go, can you do me a huge favor, know those dudes that roll with you sometimes....YES girl them, could you ask them if they would check out the Target near me before I go next time to make sure that Shondaquala and her chillins aren't in there wreaking a ratchet havoc on the place. I hate when they do that. They really should leave that for the "Rollback" prices place. Uggh.
But for real, next time call me. The Target stores in Atlanta are far better than the ones in the DC area. You know, we're sorta fancy down here. 

Because of you First Lady Obama, I went to Target today and spent $32.52.

Love you and tell the family I said "Hey".

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My 2 Scents

My 2 Scents

Being a woman is a comprehensive vehicle. We are multifaceted beings that embodies self, family, career, and play. Included in these roles is the need to present our best self. Being our best means being healthy, focused, peaceful and the image of poised beauty. The appearance of beauty reflects in our stride and disposition. The icing of the aforementioned is the power of our aroma. Our aroma captures the attention of our company and leaves a lasting impression. 

When choosing your scented impression, what fragrances capture your attention? Floral, sweet, woody, or natural? 

What are your two favorite scents?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Music Review Monday - "You" - Raheem DeVaughn

You - Raheem DeVaughn

If you are a before 80's baby, like me, you're probably having trouble finding quality music that you can relate to. Look no further, this brother - Raheem DeVaughn provides a edge of new school with a voice drowned in classic soul. Though "You" is one of his older hits, it gives a full impression of his talent. Not only is his music seductive and soulful, it has an underlying message of adoration for women (in whatever sense you may perceive).

Side note: as a singer, it is a great plus that one has an attractive mouth. Look at how the words just ooze out of those beautiful lips.

Raheem DeVaughn is on tour. Check him out when he comes to your town

Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Life Experiences" by Dr. Maurice Lee (Review)

"Life Experiences" by Dr. Maurice Lee (Review)

"Inspiring and provocative laced with timely wit" - Dr. Reginia

"Life Experiences" is a journal of inspiration and influence. It is a peek into the realm of Dr. Maurice Lee. 

     This well-written, personal narrative is divided into seven poignant experiences with several mini-chapters thrust among them. Each experience, 1 - 7 assert the pivotal experiences that shaped Dr. Lee into a scholar, leader, and author. He speaks on his humble beginnings, benevolent grade school accounts, obfuscous years, collegiate experiences, and revelations.

Each chapter offers noted experiences relevant to the reader. They, the experiences, are identifiable, pertinent, and pillars for personal growth. The book triggers intimate and personal reflections. It draws tears, lights fires, stimulates growth, and is gracefully anchored in keen wit as well as humor.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Lee at a book signing in Atlanta. He is exceptionally charismatic and engaging. He is a rare soul that you instantly grasp a familiar connection. 

I'm sure his book, Life Experiences, will be one among many. This is a book that must be a part of every household collection.

For more information on Dr. Maurice Lee, please visit his site, and support his Scholarship Fund to help deserving students attend college.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Swapnista, Give-a-ways, Guest Blogging and Awards

Swapnista, Give-a-ways, Guest Blogging, and Awards

Come enjoy a unique shopping experience at the Swapnista Day Party. This stellar event will be held October, 1, 2011. It will feature your favorite Fashionable Atlanta bloggers, vendors, networking opportunities, and a wealth of fun.

For more information
tickets may be purchased @ 

Meet Us There!

It's Give-a-way Time!

It's been quite the adventure on the well traveled road of blogging. In appreciation of all of your comments, retweets, and support, it's give-a-way time. Two give-a-ways are in store. Once the blog reaches 100 Google Followers, the first give-a-way will be announced. The 2nd give-a-way will be for the 100 "likes" on Facebook. Thank you for all of your support. Let's reach this goal before the holidays.

Guest Blogging

I absolutely love the community of blogging and bloggers. I read a variety of blogs to stimulate my many interests. This summer, I happened upon a mom blog in which I adore. It's titled "Lip Gloss and Binky". Mimi, the blog's owner is a amazing woman who is stunning gem. She writes about the adventures of motherhood, being a wife, parenting, and photography. I am featured today on her blog. Check it out.


Bloggers support other bloggers. We read, we comment, we share and we recognize. I received two amazing awards this week. I deeply appreciate the peer recognition and support. Please also support these bloggers because they are too outstanding.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Music Review Monday - "Fool for you" Cee-lo featuring Melanie Fiona

"Fool For You" - Cee-lo featuring Melanie Fiona

Cee-lo has made quite the presence this year with his Liberace get-ups and colorful performances. However, the sight of visual confusion doesn't take away from the soulful vibrations, and unique sounds that he presents to his audience. 

"Fool For You" is a deeply seductive song that drowns your thoughts into the pools of intense, powerful love been a pair (maybe more). Remember that lover that stirred every emotion, lit your fire, and had you nearly begging for more of their undeniable affection. Reflect on how the simplicity of their being was so infectious.This song is the foundation of all of that. So, take a second to remember that one who takes (or took) you there and feel every bar of "Fool for You".

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Taliah Waajid - World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show

Taliah Waajid - World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show

Georgia International Convention Center was host to the fall World Natural Hair Show. The show featured demonstrations, products, seminars, and entertainment. Patrons of the event were greeted with a host of sample products, colorful booths, and opportunities to network with natural hair enthusiasts as well as other small businesses. Professional workshops included: Loc Styling, Tree Braid Creations, Ceramic Press and a wealth of others. Several vendors offered everything from wellness classes, holistic body treatments, and the flyest earrings in the Nation.

The event was family friendly and definitely a must see.

Natural Chica and Me

Natural Chica
Fly as ever


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Hair is "Layed" Like YouTube

My Hair is "Layed" Like YouTube

Do you have a secret obsession with all things YouTube? Do you frequent YouTube for your source of music videos, DIY instructions, TV clips, and all shenanigans in between. If you answered "Yes" to the aforementioned, you are not alone. Millions of Internet junkies and cruisers, browse YouTube daily. Typically, I browse YouTube for DIY home maintenance information, make up tutorials, and music videos. However, these searches often land me in the land of random, pastures of hilarious, and sheets of shenanigans.

Case and point; below is a video of a YouTuber who gives editorials and feedback on all things pop culture. I absolutely could not stop watching him. I laughed until I cried. It is adult humor, so watcher beware.

If you can stop laughing, check out the other videos, especially his most recent commentary on Basketball Wives LA. LOL Completely scandalous.

One of my favorite make up gals is Queen of Blending. I've followed her since her days on MySpace. She has grown tremendously and that's such a great accomplishment. Though some of her looks are very glam, check out her work. She gives great tips on how to properly blend eyeshadow.

Lastly, in an effort to do some of my own home improvement projects, I often watch demonstrations on how to do wood floor or stain concrete. I haven't decided on which I prefer for my downstairs area.

I love YouTube!

What are your favorite videos on YouTube?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Music Review Monday - "Rolling In the Deep" Adele

Rolling In the Deep

Adele is a growing sensation on the music scene. The gorgeous buxom beauty is a British sensation with a powerhouse voice like many of her iconic predecessors such as Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera.

Adele was born in Britian in 1988. However, don't allow this youthful age deter you from the soulful voice and spirit. Adele states that her initial songs were motivated by a hurtful break-up.

Keep an ear out for Adele. She has a long career ahead of her.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Betsey Johnson's Runway Show - Atlanta

Betsey Johnson's Runway Show - Atlanta

On Tuesday, September 6, a fashion show featuring Betsey Johnson's designs, was held at the W - Buckhead. The mixer started about 7 pm with the show starting a bit after 8. The show featured Betsey's fun and festive designs in a variety of eye catching colors. The models were edgy with dramatic make-up and hair.

The crowd was chic and diverse yet moderately energetic. There was a bit of chit chat amongst the show goers, but everyone was busy trying to be fab and be seen (that's how we roll in Atlanta). Many of the local commoners were slightly eager (thirsty as they call it) and snapped pictures of every.single.thing. They had a buzz about them that reminded me of a gnat at a picnic. o_O. 

For me, the greatest part of the show was seeing Derek J in valet. He is the cutest ever and a nice guy.

Unfortunately, due to fire code, many of the would be participants were turned away (that sucks). Inside were a few local celebrities, bloggers, and celebs I didn't know (oh well). Overall, it was a great show (especially from the front row, thanks Nikka). My suggestions to the organizers are; better lighting on the runway (because a few models fell down the steps), a larger setting, and better appetizers at the mixer. 

My grade to them, B+.

For more pictures from the show, visit our FB FanPage.

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