Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who's That Cougar?

Who's That Cougar?

I am!

May - December relationships are no longer exclusive to Hugh Hefner and his peeps. For decades, men (some dirty old men) have consistently dated and flaunted their younger, prize possessions - their woman. These guys are usually 40 and up with a 20 something bombshell on their arm. She's typically attractive, in great shape and sexually appeasing. As women age, we lose that 20 something appeal yet still remain attractive. However, for some older men, this mature beauty isn't quite what they're looking for. After, many moons of debating this behavior (sheer nonsense) women have marked their positions in the world of May-December romances. 


Because we still want companionship and good sex too!


Yeah I said it.

We want companionship other than a night of Blockbuster, Netflix and Red Box. We want someone vibrant, enthusiastic, hip to new trends, and can lay it down without using Viagra and an inhaler. Hell, we want someone that can breathe without a machine, with a pill box as an accessory, and get it up without help therefore, Cougars we are.

Being a cougar is not as taboo as it once was and definitely no longer carries the stigma of "Sugar Mama" (because you can't get any of this money honey).

For me, I am not an exclusive cougar however, I primarily date men younger than me. I prefer guys 26 ish to about 32. (I'm in my mid 30s.) I don't date guys too young because for most, the maturity is just not there and neither is the money. (You can't date if you're broke). Secondly, I am not an exclusive cougar because I don't want to limited my dating opportunities. If a great older guy comes along, we'll see (that's a case by case thing). You know the old saying, "older men gives you worms". 

Ok, I digress.

I enjoy dating younger guys because they are uninhibited, spontaneous, and creative. For me, they are also been more like gentlemen and engage in traditional dating roles. They have yet to be spoiled and littered by the negative experiences that relationships bring therefore they carry a better attitude. Additionally, we enjoy similar tastes in music, food, travel, and entertainment.

The downside of dating younger men includes: not quite established, immaturity, not yet ready for marriage, and the lack of resources (remember you can't date if you're broke). Overall, I will continue to date younger guys, until Mr. Right comes along. I am not sure if he'll be a cub or a "Jerry" (from Single Ladies) but I am open to the possibilities.

Have you ever dated younger?

What were your experiences?


hey girl! love this topic and go and be proud of that cougar self of yours! i have dated younger, and my experiences were no bueno. the physical and the fun/hip stuff was definitely there, but the rest was down the hill. in my experience most of the younger ones are out to have fun and party all the time and have no concept of responsibility. i def agree with you, you can't date if you're broke! i ain't nobody's shugga momma! so, if i date younger, probably only a year or two younger. if i date older, probably 3-4 years will by my max because some older men have this "father-figure" mentality which i think it's kinda gross. hahah i already have a dad, i'd like it to stay that way! or those who always think "they've been there, done that" (which they probably have) but that doesn't mean i don't want to do it. oh well. dating is for the birds. hahah

I haven't dated younger but I say YOU GO GIRL!!! Date whomever your heart desires!!! Companionship is important and everyone deserves to be happy. Go for it

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@ inHershoes. That father figure nonsense is exactly what I hate about dating guys too much older than me. Guys around my age are ok but I find that they are so confused.

@ Rose - I love your blog. Companionship is important and it's important to find a compatible mate. Thanks for stopping by.

I think I would date younger but he would have to be super duper fly in order for me to consider marrying him.

@ Tarsha - I have had a great time dating them. They are fun, gentleman like and have a lot of fresh ideas on things. You are right, they (and any man) would have to be super dope before I married him.

This was too funny to me. I've been called a cougar before (he was 19 and I'm 22..I dont consider that cougar territory...but ok!) but I dont see any offense. Women have needs too just like men do and the sooner we all realize that the better. SMH@ dirty old men. At least we know where not to cross the are still stepping over it!

I am young myself so I cant say that I dated extremely young plus im currently married. however I know that if I was single I wouldnt date guys younger than men UNLESS they were one of those rare guys who acted mature.

Loved this post! I'm not sure if I want to date younger men, I seem to be attracted to the older guys. Just something about maturity and what have you, I guess?


I am going to have to goggle the word " date ". I have not had one of those for years, well maybe decades. Nice writing you do. Keep it up ( that's what she said ).

I didn't start dating younger guys until 33 and have been doing so for three years now. It gives a different experience to dating and opens the door to more possibilities.

@chad - lol...googling the word "date". too funny... and thank you.

At this point, I say date whoever makes you happy…and is available..LOL

Well go'head now!! I never heard the saying that "older men gives you worms". I am cracking up at that! LOL!!

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