Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who Told My Secret?

Who Told My Secret?

Over the past few years, I've learned that there are some big mouthed antiperspirants on the market. Yes, they will tell all of your business.

You ask, who told your business Reginia? 

Well this is who?


Around age 30 or so, I noticed that my trusty Secret no longer held like it use to. It probably held for 3 hours or so before I began to have that, not so fresh feeling. I attributed it to many things other than the deodorant. It continued to happen and after a month or so, I "quit" Secret and found another armpit lover. This time I moved over to the Big D - Mr. Degree. Big D did everything that he was suppose to; he went on smoothly, stayed around for the long haul and held me for 24 hours. What else can a woman as for right? Big D and I had a love affair for about four years, until he just quit me in the middle of a date. WTF. Who does that? Big D did and told my secrets.  o_O.

No fret, I found a new armpit lover, Mitchum. I was told by all the locals, if you need an armpit lover that goes long and strong, Michum is your guy. Oh, I couldn't wait to take Mitchum for a test run because you see, the smell of garlic potatoes on my person, wasn't quite the cougar move. The locals were right, Mitchum goes hard and he's every bit of long and strong, just like they said. We were instantly in love. Weeeellll, that was until his ass told my secret  too. This time, oh this time, the secret was a warm smell of deep fried onions. WHAT is that cooking...oh that's me, Ms. Cougar Fried Onion. Oh hell no.

So of course, just like the others, Mitchum was kicked to the curb too...I mean way to the curb. How dare he embarrass me on my first day back to work just wreaking of twice battered fried onions.

I have a new boo now - Mr. Clinical Secret. Ooo, he's a high class dude. He comes wrapped in a fancy box, has gadgets and costs a pretty penny. I should have known to roll with high class dudes all along. Ooo. He goes on clean and works like a charm. I have a slight issue with him though, it's hard for him to come up.

I pretty much like things to work on their own. With Mr. Clinical Secret, I have to twist and turn on the knob a bit for it to rise like it should. You see, this needs to be a quick process, you know, a quickie. However, high class guys don't quite operate like that. Therefore, like the directions state, two quick strokes, apply smoothly and you're good.

I wonder how long this relationship will last.

How you had a love-hate relationship with your antiperspirant or deodorant?


I use the clinical as well. It's been the only thing that works for during summer months.

LOL, this is funny. I have the same issue, and I just keep rotating. When one gives up on me or 'tell my business' I move on to the next. Have you tried Certian-Dri? You put it on the night before and it helps whatever deodorant you use the next day last longer.

@Crazy - I am two weeks in with Clinical Secret so far so good but I think there was almost a mishap though. It only stayed until 5 pm or so. :(

@Kandi - This didn't start until my 30s. It's so frustrating. Where do you find Certian-Dri?

Clinical all the way! I sure hate the price but its worth every expensive penny!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Glad you enjoyed the mirror wall and steal away!


Oh yes indeed. I go back and forth between Secret and Degree.

I started having the same issue last year! I too got pissed at Mitchum. He's suppose to be "the best". I even tried out a few of the "natural" deodorants but they'd last for a few weeks, if even, & then fail like the rest. I found Clinical a few weeks ago and so far it's ok. Think I'm going to try out that Certain-Dri. I see them at Walmart/Target. GOOD HUNTING LADIES!

I used secret for a while in college and it was great but it stopped working so well after a while.. Now, I use Dove and it works great.. we'll see what happens in my 30's.. Hope you find something that works well..

LOL! Secret is starting to fail me too! I will have to try this new guy you speak of! ;)

Too funny. Very cheeky post. I use Dove Go Fresh. I hope this new man is the one :)

I'd heard and read about "the change" coming. My sister, mom and a few websites mentioned that deodorant issues were to come. Whew they are here now with a BANG!

So far so good with Clinical Secret. I am disappointed with the price and small container. The box is misleading.

This post is so funny cute. I have to try this, I love Secret and I wonder how this compares to the formula I already use. Great post!



Love it! but I love Mitchum, hopefully he doesn't do me dirty:-) Now following, cool blog. Check us out

I'm mad that this deodorant is pricey...I think the last time I was in Wal Mart it was...BUT you gotta do what you gotta do. I think I may break down & purchase it next week because I rather be broke then stinky! Also, I think it's important to let our girls know that fashion isn't the only thing that changes when new seasons come around. Sigh.

Thanks ladies. To support great fashion, confidence and overall flyness, the deodorant has to be CORRECT. Let's hope Mr. Clinical doesn't tell this "Secret".

This was hilarious!!! I too use the Secret does okay...It probably could be better but hopefully it won't just up and fail on me:)


So far so good. I try to switch it up a bit on the weekends and use something else. This tiny container is just too expensive too me.

I stop using commerical deodorants about 5 years ago. Most of them contain aluminum. I use an organic tea-tree deodorant which is a lot of safer what is available at most popular stores.

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