Saturday, August 6, 2011

TCA Peel

What's the largest organ in your body?

Any guesses?

Your skin!

Smooth, glowing, blemish free skin is desirable. Beautiful skin is the icing on the cake and some would argue that it is the cake. Some people have naturally flawless skin. They are the ones who wash with regular soap and water then go. Then, there's the rest of us. We are the groups of people who put forth an effort to have healthy skin. Skin care requires proper wellness which includes: exercise, maintaining stress, hydration, and external care. One strategy to a healthy appearance is chemical peels. Chemical peels can be performed by a dermatologist or in the comfort of your own home.

Chemical peels vary in strength, therefore, I would suggest getting your first peel by a dermatologist.

The TCA 15% peel is the peel that I use from Skin Obsession. This company offers a variety of peels including chemical and glycolics. The 15% TCA Peel is the mildest peel offered and helps to lightly resurface the skin. This is the peel that I recommend for African-Americans and any populations with tan to dark-brown skin. The other peels, especially glycolics peels, are extremely strong and may burn or damage your skin (It happened to me).

Skin Obsession offers low cost peels with fast shipping.

With light and love,

Dr. Reginia


I've had a bad glycolic peel as well. It wasn't pretty. I will check this out. I'm not familiar with Skin Obsession.

Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

Thanks for the info and recommendation! I often have blemishes and acne. Any suggestions on how to get clear skin? I've tried almost everything.


I've never had a peel yet, and keep thinking I should! Thanks for the tips!

I'm so glad you posted this. I've been wanting to try a TCA peel. Will definitely order some of this!

Thanks for the info :o)

I am scared of chemical peels after that episode of Sex in the City! Thanks for the info, now I know what to look for.

Nice background! Btw, I didn't know there was a peel safe for African Americans to use. Good to know. Thanks for sharing.

@ OTC - I had several burns after the glycolic peel. That is definitely NOT a product for brown skinned people.

@Nique - I struggle with hormonal acne because of PCOS. I am now usuing a 10% peroxide wash. I will let you know how it is. I just started it a week ago.

I suggest starting with a mild peel with a Dr. Do not try the peels at home and for darker women, I wouldn't suggest over a 15% peel. 25% and glycolics are ok for light skin or white women.

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