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Online Dating

Online Dating

It's 2011, aging is inevitable, and the possibility of marriage is still on the table. For most of us it's "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the lady with the baby carriage". Yep, that's it. But before all of that, is dating. Whew, some of us meet dating with the a SIGH and others greet it as a probable opportunity. However, online dating is a total trick bag.

We use sites such as "Ok Cupid", "", "eHarmony" and a host of others with the hopes of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right (or at least a free meal). Yet, many of these online dating sites have the same faces, the same profiles, and the same drama (well for me anyway). I try to approach these ventures with an open mind and a positive attitude yet it's typically killed within minutes of an email exchange or phone call.

Why you ask?

Well this is why?

#1 - I hope to find:
but I end up with -                                             Photo Credit

#2 - There are so many people who misrepresent themselves online.

For example:

  • The consultant = the EX con 
  • the just looking for friends = the married or shacking dude 
  • the "tell me something about you" = the boring lazy dude 
  • the tree hugger, anti-American = the broke dude.

Online dating should be simple. See a nice photo, engage in dialog, decide if it's worth going forward, go on a date, have a good time, start dating, fall in love, and marry. I mean that's simple right. Instead, I find lots of fishy smelling, odorous moth ball wreaking, gold tooth having, trailer park living, emotionally unstable, ex-cons.

Have you ever tried online dating?

What were your experiences.


This was quite a funny post. I do agree, as someone who has dated online myself, it can be overwhelming, at times frustrating, and a tad scary (particularly when people show up looking 20 years older than their pictures) lol.

Hopefully it gets better honey.

LOL...This is too funny but oh so true. I have tried online dating once. I'm still talking to a guy I met. He's cool but for some reason I'm finding myself waiting for him to reveal that something is wrong (ex convict, married, baby mama drama,etc). It seems too good to be true but I'm just rolling with the punches.

Online dating is a mystery game because you never know who you'll really end up with. Pictures are very deceiving and profiles are full of lies. When I first uploaded my profile I got nothing but messages from nasty guys trying to "hook up". I thought you were here for the same reason as me, to date & build a relationship. Nope, not at all. I ended up deleting my profile because it became so overbearing.


That is so true. This is why I am not a big fan of the computer age we are in now. A lot of the stuff on the internet is just misleading. Keep up the good posts.

hey there! thanks so much for stopping by my blog. online dating. yes. been there, done that. i agree with seeing the same profiles, same lines and same drama. fortunately for me, i actually met someone. not married (not in a hurry since i don't want kids) yet, but things are good. i wrote a post about one of my experiences with online dating a while back. when it happened to me, i was like, "WTF" - now i can look back and laugh at it.

have a great day!

@ J'Ann - Online dating has become comical and yes scary with some of the things reported in the news.

@Nique - yes mysterious is a great word for it. I think people use it as a platform to play "dress up". Though I do know of two great success stories.

@imcheap - Thanks. The interest is just as good as it is troublesome.

@inHershoes - online dating does give a lot of WTF moments. I am going to check out your post now.

I've tried online dating...UGH! that's all I have to say about that!

I will say there are some people who've met online that are doing great, I follow a few ppl who are doing great! I just don't have the time. This was soooo funny to read!

@Inez - I've tried online dating on and off since the days of Blackplant. lol It is always my hope that things have changed but it's more of the same with older people and some of the same older people. I try to hold hope for that platform because I know of two great marriages and a friend that's in a terrific relationship.

Wow...I've never tried online dating but I've definitely heard horror stories. I've had friends who've tried it and they say it's the worst.

Why are people even on these sites if they are miss representing themselves? It must be a game for them.

I've tried online dating 2x and have to say that one site isn't any better than the other. I am very honest in my profile, and when the guy meets me he always you are exactly what I expected. Unfortunately..I can't always say the same. I've given up...frankly I think it's just not meant for me. As for speed dating...if you decide to cover that, I'll have my 2cents of opinion as well ;)

I'm very open to online dating. I've done it in the past and actually ended up in a long relationship as a result. I've had both good and not so good experiences. But the good has outweighed the bad. Although I'm not doing it now, I don't turn my nose up at it. I know 2 people that actually met their husbands via the net.

I do agree you can meet some sketchy people online, but you can meet crazy folks on the street. You never know. This is why it's very important to be safe and exchange dialog before meeting up. And when you do meet up, make sure it's at a public place. Keep it light, maybe do coffee or something. Coffee dates are quick and no pressure. If you don't enjoy his company, then you can move on. If you like him, then you can suggest something to do afterward.

Sometimes you have to put yourself out there. Dating is already stressful so doing it online can make it easier to meet men.

Hi lovely,
I really like this post!
I love how you write:)
I just found your blog,it's very cute!I added to your followers!Follow back?:)
Greetings from Tuscany

@ Corie - I've had mostly bad experiences even through FB with people I use to know. One guy turned out ok but it wasn't a love match but I did use him as my Realtor. lol

@ B - I haven't tried speed dating yet. They have a lot of those events in Atlanta. I may try one around the holidays or so.

@ Toya - I know two girls who met their husbands online. My sister meets lots of nice people online.

@ Mary - Thank you. I will!

@ Mary - Thank you for stopping by... all the way from Tuscany. I am tickled pink. :)

This is indeed funny. Needed that laugh. I'm not against it at all. I haven't done the whole set up a profile thing. But something similar (too much to type).

But you're right people do misrepresent themselves on the world wide web. Most if not ALL want to appear in this good light. Plus males seem to it more than females. Especially portraying as being a female online period. But that's a different subject lol.

I have done my share of online dating and ended up in serious relationships twice. The great thing about online dating is that for the most part, you could really pick and choose some qualities about a person before you waste too much time on them, lol. I found my current boyfriend, on I like that website because it has a lot of filters and you can really filter out who can contact you.
I'm pretty sure I found my future husband this time, so I would say yes, my online dating experience has been a positive one :)
Good luck! xo

@ Ashley - I think it's a numbers game to some people. I just don't get a entire game of it all. Just be normal, but up some nice NEW pics, engage in great dialog then move on....I guess that's too hard.

@Kristina - I've tried plentyoffish. You're right they have an awesome filter on the type of reason one is seeking. I am not totally again online dating at all, it's just some creepy dudes out there.

This is so funny but OH SO TRUE!! You get the "Christian" freak, the broke entrepreneur with 'his mother living with him' of course..and from site to site its the same men telling the same stories. I know I need to expand my dating options but I am NOT there until then I guess I will be single. *Heavy Sigh* Dr. R can you help?..LOL


I have gained some great relationships and friendships from online dating as well..I am not totally against it but you have to mindful of the lies, games, and predators. Some women can be so gullible and get sucked in so you just have to do your research and beware. I am glad you have found your future hubby! Good luck to the both of you!!

I've done it and as a matter of fact, I married one of my dates! It's all what you put into it. If you totally honest and really, I mean REALLY screen your potentials, it can work. I would keep a list of every person I talked to online. I would chat with them online and via phone for several weeks before even meeting them, if they made it that far. I would call em out on their lies because boy, did a lot of em try and be MORE than what they were. I did meet 2 very great guys. One worked at NASA and the other was in the USAF. I married the USAF one and 10 years later, we're still together.

It can work! :)

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