Monday, August 22, 2011

Music Review Monday - "Untitled" by D'Angelo

Untitled - D'Angelo

Will someone in or around the Richmond, VA area find D'Angelo, shake the shit out of him, and ask him to please return to music?

When D'Angelo fell upon the neosoul scene with his hit song, Brown Sugar, people went crazy. We wondered who was this smooth, alluring, rough around the edges young "thunda" was who could effortlessly swoon a cotton pair of Haynes Her Way Panties off the best of them. His CD, Brown Sugar, contain classics such as Lady, Me and Those Dreamin' Eyes of Mine, and of course the title hit Brown Sugar. He later released Voodoo with the unforgettable track, Untitled, which revealed a new, sleeker, sexier D'Angelo. It is rumored that he filmed the video with minimal funds and minimal clothes (he looked naked to me). I did want the camera to move a bit lower (and so did you). It's always a delight to see a nice package from places other than UPS.

D'Angelo, where art thou?


I'm with you, somebody please shake the silly shyt of of him so he can get back wooing us with that sexy voice of his.

IKR. Maybe Angie Stone can dig him up.

Ugh I miss him too! Someone please find him! This video used to make me drool o_O

Do you remember the song "One Mo Gin" from the Voodoo album? I think I played that song on repeat for an entire month straight lol. Oh how I miss D'Angelo :(

I do. I love the entire CD. I think we should arrange a search team to find him, strap him to the studio, and demand good music.

I agree, he needs to return to the music scene, because his music had my heart! Especially the song devils pie!

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