Monday, August 29, 2011

Music Review Monday - "There She Goes" - Babyface & Pharrell

There She Goes

In celebration of self, everyone should have a theme song. My song for the moment is "There She Goes" by hit-makers Babyface and Pharrell.

It's the jam!

What's your theme song?


great choice! my theme song would be, Amerie - 1 Thing. it was my motivation to start exercising again.

Throwback. I use to like that song. I'll put it back into rotation.:)

I like this song!! You got me in diva mode, I'm about to turn the music up. ;)
I have a few of theme songs depending on my mood.

I forgot all about this song! It rocks and rocks!

Oh yeaaaa. My man Pharrell!!!!!!!lol I like this song. Hmm my theme song is Ambitious Girl (1 & 2) by Wale

Pharrell had some great hits. I have to check out Ambitious Girl. It may be a Monday feature.

Mine is Usher's Supermodel..I think that's the name of it!

@Mimi - I love Usher. I have to check out the song. I think it's one of those that I've missed.

@YBB - ooo me 2.

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