Monday, August 8, 2011

Music Review Monday - "Otis" - Jay Z, Kayne West and Otis Redding

Absolute Club Banger

Old school music lovers are instantly engaged by the soulful swoon of Otis Redding. True Jay-Z and Kayne West Fans continue to listen because of their affinity to their favorite artists. Because I am a Jay-Z fan to the core and not a fan of Kayne, I am fighting with subjectivity vs. objectivity. Jay Z 's delivery is constant with previous songs therefore no surprises with content or delivery. Kayne is still his usual arrogant self. His content is littered with references to himself (well Jay-Z too) but Kayne is so overt with his. If it weren't for the blazing track, the song would fade to the likes of Hip Hop hell. I would suggest lowering the Otis vocal because it's slightly distracting. Overall, it's a club banger because the content is typical but the beat is blazing.

With light and love,

Dr. Reginia


LOVE this song!!! I just need to figure out what Jay is saying lol

I love this song!!! It stays on instant replay all day.


It is a great song. I am curious to see what else the pair has in store.

Hi There! We've been featured on Cheryl's blog, justfabblogger so I thought I'd say hi! This is a pretty impressive blog you have here and guess what? My mom's name is Regina too so now...I have to follow you!

aaaah we can't hear the music it's blocked :(

you have a beautiful blog, love the theme :)


I love the music on this song. I don't really pay attention to the lyrics, but I love the beat and Otis' singing.

As big of a JayZ fan I am, I have yet to hear this song that every one is gossiping about...smh

Sorry guys about the link not working now. Check it out on iTunes or Youtube. It's a pretty good song but like the R.Kelly/Jay Z CD, I am not quite sure if I want to hear an entire CD of Jay Z/Kanye because I can't get with Kanye's foolishness.

@B. Inspired....Reginia is a pretty cool name. I love Cheryl's blog, thanks for dropping by.

@soldoutforever, thanks for coming by, sorry about the blocked song now. :(

I grew up listening to otis when I first head this I about died! loved everything about it esp the otis :)

thanks for finding and reading my blog! <3


This right here is HOT HOT HOT! Jay and Mr. West have done it again!!


I think the link is fixed now if you guys want to watch the actual video.

Dr. Reginia thanks for finding my blog *again*. I love this song...Jay-Z is cool, but I'm a Kanye girl allll day! I like your blog, very interesting. Following now.

I loveeee this song. It's crazy how so many never knew who Otis Redding was until they did this song, which is great I guess. Music awareness. But I love the soulful...take me to church feeling of the song.
Fun fact: Otis was my mother's 2nd cousin.

Me and the honey have been listening to this CD non-stop, it is a great song and album.

I'm from Brooklyn so I can't help but act a fool when this song comes on. Club banger and car banger!!!!!

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