Sunday, August 7, 2011

All Season Love Glove

Love gloves for life!

I hope I didn't throw my fashionistas off course by using the term "love glove". As a fan of fashion blogs, I had fashion on the mind and what is the best fashion accessory during great sex - the "love glove" AKA - the condom.

Condoms are a great accessory during sex because it's protection against STDs (VD), unplanned pregnancies, and HIV. Condoms when used properly, are an inexpensive measure for sexual protection and pleasure. 

Condoms come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. However, the most frequently used condoms are Trojan which are the makers of Magnum.

Condom selection can be tricky because one has to consider the proper fit, feel, and flavor (for those who indulge in flavored condoms). For men, this can be a moment of self-reflection because it's easy to reach for the Magnum XL when in reality he needs to roll with the regulars. Remember, proper fit is important to increase protection.

Lastly, a new style of condom is the warming brand. I absolutely 100% hate these. It sets things on FIRE for both the woman and her partner. If you don't want your man to give you the o_O, I would stay far away from these. If you need an extra POW in that region try the KY Warming Jelly, it provides a much better experience. 

With light and love,

Dr. Reginia


Love, love, love this! I often teach sexuality and have both men and women practice putting condoms on properly (with a model we have). If you're going to do the deed you must protect yourself and your partner! I bought some for my 15 year old son...I explained that I wasn't giving him a permission slip for sex, but in the event that it does, he has access to protection. When my daughters are older I'll be giving them to them as well! Studies also show that teens who have sex education are at lower risk of engaging in sex before age 17and are more likely to use protection! So we should be educating our kids!!!!? Ok, I'm done now ;)

I think teens should be aware of their safe options if they must indulge. Like you, I don't think it's giving them a permission slip but it's creating a healthy option and open relationship between parent and child.

Great post! I strongly promote abstinence until marriage but I am not completely oblivious to the fact that unmarried couples DO have sex and so it is very important to encourage safe sex. Thank you for your sweet comments! Kiah

great post honey! It totally caught me off guard! lol but it was great! Also, (pertaining to your previous post) I didn't know that you could purchase chemical peels. I thought that you had to go to a doctor for it. that is so neat. I'm gonna check that out. if you've got anymore info, please keep me informed! thanx babe!

Great post. I am glad I found you.

@ Rez - abstinence is certainly ideal but for those who choose to engage, I would certainly like for them to know that they have safe options.

@ The Dumpy Duchess. Sorry...I frequent a lot of fashion blogs even though I am not a fashion blogger. I use to go to the derma for my chemical peels but I found this better option through skin obsession. My derma doesn't like aggressive treatments with AA clients.

@Elenareviews - Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back soon!

Great post! :)

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