Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chic Boutique Tour

Chic Boutique Tour

Oh Ladies, YEAH, What time is it? GIVE-A-WAY TIME!
Rosalynn Wilson, founder and CEO of Chic Boutique Tour organizes a "Shopping Soiree on Wheels".

Roslynn featured on right

The Chic Boutique Tour is an activity that every woman must experience.

Rosalynn with her many sponsors and supporters (Vitamin WaterHpnotiq, and Urban Lux Magazine) hosted an unforgettable experience filled with personalized shopping at some of the hottest boutiques in Atlanta, catered lunch, and over following spirits from Vitamin Water and Hpnotiq.

The day began with a stroll down the pink carpet, champagne, and celebrity five star treatment at the swanky Coposhi Boutique in Buckhead.

Sylvia "Secret" Mikell - Atlanta's Superstar Image Expert.
From there, we were privileged with elite shopping at PZI Jeans, Estella Home and finally Polished and Primped.

The day was absolutely amazing.

A common denominator among women is shopping. The experience was not only diverse yet refreshing with great energy and ample opportunities to network.


The Chic Boutique Tour is an adventure that every woman must experience. Do yourself the the ultimate favor by checking for the next tour coming soon.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Music Review Monday - "There She Goes" - Babyface & Pharrell

There She Goes

In celebration of self, everyone should have a theme song. My song for the moment is "There She Goes" by hit-makers Babyface and Pharrell.

It's the jam!

What's your theme song?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who Told My Secret?

Who Told My Secret?

Over the past few years, I've learned that there are some big mouthed antiperspirants on the market. Yes, they will tell all of your business.

You ask, who told your business Reginia? 

Well this is who?


Around age 30 or so, I noticed that my trusty Secret no longer held like it use to. It probably held for 3 hours or so before I began to have that, not so fresh feeling. I attributed it to many things other than the deodorant. It continued to happen and after a month or so, I "quit" Secret and found another armpit lover. This time I moved over to the Big D - Mr. Degree. Big D did everything that he was suppose to; he went on smoothly, stayed around for the long haul and held me for 24 hours. What else can a woman as for right? Big D and I had a love affair for about four years, until he just quit me in the middle of a date. WTF. Who does that? Big D did and told my secrets.  o_O.

No fret, I found a new armpit lover, Mitchum. I was told by all the locals, if you need an armpit lover that goes long and strong, Michum is your guy. Oh, I couldn't wait to take Mitchum for a test run because you see, the smell of garlic potatoes on my person, wasn't quite the cougar move. The locals were right, Mitchum goes hard and he's every bit of long and strong, just like they said. We were instantly in love. Weeeellll, that was until his ass told my secret  too. This time, oh this time, the secret was a warm smell of deep fried onions. WHAT is that cooking...oh that's me, Ms. Cougar Fried Onion. Oh hell no.

So of course, just like the others, Mitchum was kicked to the curb too...I mean way to the curb. How dare he embarrass me on my first day back to work just wreaking of twice battered fried onions.

I have a new boo now - Mr. Clinical Secret. Ooo, he's a high class dude. He comes wrapped in a fancy box, has gadgets and costs a pretty penny. I should have known to roll with high class dudes all along. Ooo. He goes on clean and works like a charm. I have a slight issue with him though, it's hard for him to come up.

I pretty much like things to work on their own. With Mr. Clinical Secret, I have to twist and turn on the knob a bit for it to rise like it should. You see, this needs to be a quick process, you know, a quickie. However, high class guys don't quite operate like that. Therefore, like the directions state, two quick strokes, apply smoothly and you're good.

I wonder how long this relationship will last.

How you had a love-hate relationship with your antiperspirant or deodorant?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Music Review Monday - "Untitled" by D'Angelo

Untitled - D'Angelo

Will someone in or around the Richmond, VA area find D'Angelo, shake the shit out of him, and ask him to please return to music?

When D'Angelo fell upon the neosoul scene with his hit song, Brown Sugar, people went crazy. We wondered who was this smooth, alluring, rough around the edges young "thunda" was who could effortlessly swoon a cotton pair of Haynes Her Way Panties off the best of them. His CD, Brown Sugar, contain classics such as Lady, Me and Those Dreamin' Eyes of Mine, and of course the title hit Brown Sugar. He later released Voodoo with the unforgettable track, Untitled, which revealed a new, sleeker, sexier D'Angelo. It is rumored that he filmed the video with minimal funds and minimal clothes (he looked naked to me). I did want the camera to move a bit lower (and so did you). It's always a delight to see a nice package from places other than UPS.

D'Angelo, where art thou?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blogalicious Atlanta

Blogalicious Atlanta

On Friday, August 19, 2011, the Blogalicious Conference rolled through Midtown Atlanta. It was an excellent conference to gain insight on the elements of becoming a professional blogger or making the most of your current blog.

The night was hosted by Lamar and Ronnie Tyler founders of Black and Married with Kids. Additional expert panelist were, Bren Herrera, Stacey Ferguson, and Danica Kombol.

The event was a great opportunity to meet other bloggers, hand out business cards, and enjoy a room filled with inspiration. The next conference is in Washington, DC.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who's That Cougar?

Who's That Cougar?

I am!

May - December relationships are no longer exclusive to Hugh Hefner and his peeps. For decades, men (some dirty old men) have consistently dated and flaunted their younger, prize possessions - their woman. These guys are usually 40 and up with a 20 something bombshell on their arm. She's typically attractive, in great shape and sexually appeasing. As women age, we lose that 20 something appeal yet still remain attractive. However, for some older men, this mature beauty isn't quite what they're looking for. After, many moons of debating this behavior (sheer nonsense) women have marked their positions in the world of May-December romances. 


Because we still want companionship and good sex too!


Yeah I said it.

We want companionship other than a night of Blockbuster, Netflix and Red Box. We want someone vibrant, enthusiastic, hip to new trends, and can lay it down without using Viagra and an inhaler. Hell, we want someone that can breathe without a machine, with a pill box as an accessory, and get it up without help therefore, Cougars we are.

Being a cougar is not as taboo as it once was and definitely no longer carries the stigma of "Sugar Mama" (because you can't get any of this money honey).

For me, I am not an exclusive cougar however, I primarily date men younger than me. I prefer guys 26 ish to about 32. (I'm in my mid 30s.) I don't date guys too young because for most, the maturity is just not there and neither is the money. (You can't date if you're broke). Secondly, I am not an exclusive cougar because I don't want to limited my dating opportunities. If a great older guy comes along, we'll see (that's a case by case thing). You know the old saying, "older men gives you worms". 

Ok, I digress.

I enjoy dating younger guys because they are uninhibited, spontaneous, and creative. For me, they are also been more like gentlemen and engage in traditional dating roles. They have yet to be spoiled and littered by the negative experiences that relationships bring therefore they carry a better attitude. Additionally, we enjoy similar tastes in music, food, travel, and entertainment.

The downside of dating younger men includes: not quite established, immaturity, not yet ready for marriage, and the lack of resources (remember you can't date if you're broke). Overall, I will continue to date younger guys, until Mr. Right comes along. I am not sure if he'll be a cub or a "Jerry" (from Single Ladies) but I am open to the possibilities.

Have you ever dated younger?

What were your experiences?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Review Monday - "Ritual Union Tensnake Remix" by Little Dragon

This song does every single thing to me. I recently discovered this group via a poster on Google +. She posted this song as her exit theme music for the weekend. I instantly fell in love with the vocals and the track. The song is very sensual and sets the mood for a lovely evening.

I would check out a few of their other songs on YouTube or iTunes.

I am a new fan of Little Dragon.

With Light and Love,

Dr. Reginia

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Online Dating

Online Dating

It's 2011, aging is inevitable, and the possibility of marriage is still on the table. For most of us it's "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the lady with the baby carriage". Yep, that's it. But before all of that, is dating. Whew, some of us meet dating with the a SIGH and others greet it as a probable opportunity. However, online dating is a total trick bag.

We use sites such as "Ok Cupid", "Match.com", "eHarmony" and a host of others with the hopes of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right (or at least a free meal). Yet, many of these online dating sites have the same faces, the same profiles, and the same drama (well for me anyway). I try to approach these ventures with an open mind and a positive attitude yet it's typically killed within minutes of an email exchange or phone call.

Why you ask?

Well this is why?

#1 - I hope to find:
but I end up with -                                             Photo Credit

#2 - There are so many people who misrepresent themselves online.

For example:

  • The consultant = the EX con 
  • the just looking for friends = the married or shacking dude 
  • the "tell me something about you" = the boring lazy dude 
  • the tree hugger, anti-American = the broke dude.

Online dating should be simple. See a nice photo, engage in dialog, decide if it's worth going forward, go on a date, have a good time, start dating, fall in love, and marry. I mean that's simple right. Instead, I find lots of fishy smelling, odorous moth ball wreaking, gold tooth having, trailer park living, emotionally unstable, ex-cons.

Have you ever tried online dating?

What were your experiences.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Around the Water Cooler

Office Politics.

Having a career/job is a way of life for most people. We gain a skill or trade by the way of college or on the job training. We are taught the "mechanics" of our role and left to do our duty. However, within those duties are the underlying variable of office politics. You know, the morning pleasantries, the holiday potlucks, the brown-nosing, the o_O, and the backstabbing. The notion of office politics is often made minimal by management and administrators. The office/cooperation/brand loves to portray the image of "one nation for all" and "we are family", but those of us with a job know better. 

It is the companies mission to produce a product ("product" is universal) therefore outward images are paramount. Behind the face of happiness is: Debbie Downer, Betty Backstabber, Kim Kiss Ass, Todd the Tattle Tale and Anna the Angry (Suzie the slut and Harry the Ho are in there too).

Debbie Downer - Nothing goes right for Debbie. The coffee is bad, the lights are too bright, the air is too cold, her outfit is wack, and she complains about every damn thing. Most days and most people want to tell Debbie to STFU or go play in traffic. Are you "Debbie Downer"?

Betty Backstabber - Betty is usually has the gift of gab but is dumb as hell. She's always volunteering for something, on every committee and knows nothing about nothing. Betty is usually in a leadership role or aiming for one. She sneaks around in every clique gathering information and ideas to sell as her own. This chick will lie to your face and lie on you. Her mission is to get to the top so get out of her way because she'll typically trip over herself because it's hard too keep up with all the BS.

Kim Kiss Ass - Kim has little to no confidence for many reasons. She's a people pleaser and quite annoying. She's usually tagging along with Betty because of their co-dependent nature. Most people don't like Kim and feel sorry for her at the same time. Kim is usually the first one at work and the last to leave. She's always pacifying and crying about something. If she wasn't so sorry, we'd ask her to play in traffic too.

Todd the Tattle Tale - We love Todd because Todd will "get with" Betty. Todd gets under Betty's skin and that makes us happy. Todd is easy to read and we often change to neutral subjects when he's around. He's pretty harmless because everyone knows to STFU when he's around.

Anna the Angry - Anna is quite the MF.We often ask, "Who pee'd in your cereal?" Like really, you can't be this mad at 8 a.m. but she is. Anna appears to be a well put together person, but she gripes about everything. Seemingly, she seems like Betty the Backstabber but Anna doesn't play games with management like Betty does. Anna curses and wails at customers, clients, and fellow co-workers. Research has yet to identify Anna's problem.

Suzie the Slut - The name tells it all. Suzie the slut has hooked up with everyone in the office. Suzie mission is to become a housewife. Suzie isn't interested in anyone's work, politics, or any of the like. Suzie uses what she has to get what she wants. Suzie is never in any office long enough to because she finds them, f*ck's them and leaves.

Harry the Ho - Harry the Ho is similar to Suzie but Harry's mission is to calm the nerves of the ladies in the office. He's handsome, charming and charismatic. He is often sub par on intelligence and quite lazy. He uses his will and skill to "dickmatize" his prey. Unfortunately, "digging" an office full of women can become quite messy. Because around the water cooler Anna tells Kim about Harry and the fireworks begin. BAM.

Who are you? Do you know any of these people?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Music Review Monday - "Otis" - Jay Z, Kayne West and Otis Redding

Absolute Club Banger

Old school music lovers are instantly engaged by the soulful swoon of Otis Redding. True Jay-Z and Kayne West Fans continue to listen because of their affinity to their favorite artists. Because I am a Jay-Z fan to the core and not a fan of Kayne, I am fighting with subjectivity vs. objectivity. Jay Z 's delivery is constant with previous songs therefore no surprises with content or delivery. Kayne is still his usual arrogant self. His content is littered with references to himself (well Jay-Z too) but Kayne is so overt with his. If it weren't for the blazing track, the song would fade to the likes of Hip Hop hell. I would suggest lowering the Otis vocal because it's slightly distracting. Overall, it's a club banger because the content is typical but the beat is blazing.

With light and love,

Dr. Reginia

Sunday, August 7, 2011

All Season Love Glove

Love gloves for life!

I hope I didn't throw my fashionistas off course by using the term "love glove". As a fan of fashion blogs, I had fashion on the mind and what is the best fashion accessory during great sex - the "love glove" AKA - the condom.

Condoms are a great accessory during sex because it's protection against STDs (VD), unplanned pregnancies, and HIV. Condoms when used properly, are an inexpensive measure for sexual protection and pleasure. 

Condoms come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. However, the most frequently used condoms are Trojan which are the makers of Magnum.

Condom selection can be tricky because one has to consider the proper fit, feel, and flavor (for those who indulge in flavored condoms). For men, this can be a moment of self-reflection because it's easy to reach for the Magnum XL when in reality he needs to roll with the regulars. Remember, proper fit is important to increase protection.

Lastly, a new style of condom is the warming brand. I absolutely 100% hate these. It sets things on FIRE for both the woman and her partner. If you don't want your man to give you the o_O, I would stay far away from these. If you need an extra POW in that region try the KY Warming Jelly, it provides a much better experience. 

With light and love,

Dr. Reginia

Saturday, August 6, 2011

TCA Peel

What's the largest organ in your body?

Any guesses?

Your skin!

Smooth, glowing, blemish free skin is desirable. Beautiful skin is the icing on the cake and some would argue that it is the cake. Some people have naturally flawless skin. They are the ones who wash with regular soap and water then go. Then, there's the rest of us. We are the groups of people who put forth an effort to have healthy skin. Skin care requires proper wellness which includes: exercise, maintaining stress, hydration, and external care. One strategy to a healthy appearance is chemical peels. Chemical peels can be performed by a dermatologist or in the comfort of your own home.

Chemical peels vary in strength, therefore, I would suggest getting your first peel by a dermatologist.

The TCA 15% peel is the peel that I use from Skin Obsession. This company offers a variety of peels including chemical and glycolics. The 15% TCA Peel is the mildest peel offered and helps to lightly resurface the skin. This is the peel that I recommend for African-Americans and any populations with tan to dark-brown skin. The other peels, especially glycolics peels, are extremely strong and may burn or damage your skin (It happened to me).

Skin Obsession offers low cost peels with fast shipping.

With light and love,

Dr. Reginia

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