Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Too Cute Tuesday

The biggest revolution in athletic wear are the five finger barefoot sneakers. These sneakers are designed to mock the natural barefoot and support its natural essence while engaging in physical activity.

Research states that barefoot physical activity better supports some ligaments and joints. While I, as well as others would not suggest engaging in outdoor activity completely barefoot, the fivefinger barefoot sneakers are a great alternative. There are several brands and styles available, however my recommendation is the Vibram FiveFingers. These are well made shoes, with excellent support and are available in attractive styles/colors. All five finger sneakers are not made equally, some lack the proper support and do not offer the true five finger style. Test several brands before making your final selection.

Above all, keep your body moving.

With health, vanity, light and love,

Dr. Reginia


It's funny that they're called 5 FINGERS when it's actually toes. Too funny. They are a little odd looking but if the provide the type of support they say, I may have to go out and buy a pair to try out. We'll see.

The are very comfortable. People always give the o_O when I'm out in public but they are so great to exercise in.

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