Friday, July 22, 2011

Not Today but Tomorrow; Promise


is certainly not my friend

leave me now good- bye


What do you do to maintain a productive schedule?


With light and love,


Dr. Reginia


I am not qualified to speak on this..I'll refrain!

Maintaining your schedule is easy when you prioritize every activity by value of the reward. No reward, no priority. What's the value? You determine that.

Mimi, I don't have an outfit for tomorrow, my hair isn't done...nothing. I went outside and it's too hot. I need to purge some things..and it's still sitting there AND there are a few boxes still packed from when I moved in this house two years ago...just bad. lol

Jasmine, I am going to take your advice and get to this. The clutter is really getting on my nerves. I wish I had a house keeper still but the recession said no. There is one major task that I need to do above all things and I am happy you worded it the way you did. Value! Thank you.

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