Monday, July 18, 2011

Low Carb Sliders

"Good Food, Good Day" Dr. Reginia, 2011

Different strokes for different folks when it comes to dieting. There are some lucky ducks in the world who are able to consume, whatever, whenever yet maintain good health and wellness. Then, there's the rest of us. Many people have to follow a specific diet coupled with exercise to have it going on health and an sexy body attractive appearance.

As we age, our metabolism changes and we must adapt our lifestyles accordingly. For some with specific health conditions, lifestyles are acutely adapted  to maintain health and an attractive appearance (there's a recurring theme).

Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) often have insulin resistance which makes them (us) very sensitive to carbs. We have to maintain a low carb diet in order to stabilize blood sugar, weight, and the awful side of effects of the disease. With that, selecting foods that mimic some of our favorites is essential for sanity normalcy.

One of the biggest NO NO's with PCOS is a large consumption of bread. The whites (bread, pasta, potatoes) greatly and negatively impact blood sugar which in turn impacts weight, appearance, and overall health.

Because I love hamburgers so much, I couldn't dare cut this item from my diet, therefore, I found an alternative; low carb buns made with Wal-Mart brand premade sliders. (I don't think I used the Wal-Mart one in this picture).

Eat up and enjoy.


With light and love,


Dr. Reginia


How are those buns? I LOVE bread, pastas, etc. and would really hate giving them up but as I get older I know I have to slow down on my consumption of them *sigh*. Those lil' sliders look good though!

They are pretty good. You have to tweak them a bit to your liking. I add a bit of onion and garlic powder for a distinct taste otherwise they are bland.

Thanks so much for posting healthy eating options here on your blog. I do also, and like to find better ideas when it comes to food choices. I'm looking for those next time I visit Wal-Mart. Have you tried the bagel thins? I think they are by Thomas. Good stuff. Btw great blog! See you on twitter ;)


During college, I picked up some pretty unhealthy eating habits which spilled into my 20s. Now in my 30s, I've decided to change those patterns by eating healthy and finding similar choices with less calories and fewer carbs. I love bagel thins but I can't have too many of them. Thanks so much for visiting. See you on Twitter.

[...] literally stumbled upon this recipe when I was reading a post at Dr. Regina’s blog when she claimed to make no carb [...]

These look really cool- I linked to it today from my blog. Thank you for sharing it!

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