Monday, July 25, 2011

I love Ikea

I love Ikea

There's something about decorating and making my space pretty that gives a sense of calm and accomplishment. Decorating and redecorating can become costly if one is not a master of DIY Projects (and I am not). Therefore, I have found a cost-effective, and appeasing alternative - Ikea.

Ikea is:

The Ikea vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. We make this possible by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.

I was first introduced to Ikea in 1997 or so shortly after graduating from college (undergrad). I went to the store with my friend who had also just graduated and decorated her new space with cute items from Ikea. As we drove up to the big blue box with yellow letters, I didn't feel any excitement but when I walked through the doors, the decade long love affair began. I only knew of Ikea from decorating shows, mainly Trading Places. Now, I am very acquainted with Ikea and spent the night under the stars for the grand opening of Ikea in Atlanta. My mom and I were among the first 100 and won lovely Poang Chairs.

Nonetheless, Ikea is a happy place. A place to browse, a place to buy, and a place to dine.

With life and love,

Dr. Reginia


I also LOVE ikea they're prices are the!

I have so many of their pieces in my apartment! And last time I was there I had that $2 combo!

Ahhh who doesn't love Ikea? I could literally spend an entire day getting home inspiration and trying to figure out ways to modify the already spiffy pieces to make it my own. Have you checked out this site - - its great for inspiration!


Ikea is the best. Thanks for the link. I will check it out and pass it on to my mom as well. She loves Ikea!

Your decorating style is so nice. You have to share more with us. I was drooling over that fab living room. LOL @ the combo. Those hot dogs are 5 star after hours of shopping.

I'm with you! Love IKEA! I have a lot in my's great with kids...hello washable slip covers! James and I like to go there even if we're not buying anything! We can spend a whole day there just browsing, goofing off and eating! We actually love the cafeteria there!!! Wow...were weird! And now I wanna go to IKEA!

Eating in the IKEA cafe or break area is the highlight of my shopping experience. My mom and I actually stop and sit in all of the living areas upstairs. We are in Ikea for hours.

OMG - Ikea is the best. I can go and spend the whole day! I want to totally buy everything in the store!

i love Ikea too. when i first moved to Atlanta i was there every weekend. the first spot i check is their as-is section. so many great deals in that place.

I really so love Ikea. I always go to the As-Is section first. That's a must. I like how they a gradually adding quality pieces to their affordable items.

Ikea is a love of mine as well. One visit and I was hooked...itching to get back there too. I love your're a definitely daily read of mine now:) Thanks for stopping by The Scott's Crib and have a marvelous week!

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