Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gift Cards

It's ok to toot your own horn; celebrate yourself

Today will be a day of shopping to spend a gift card that I received for Macy's.

Giving gift cards is a trend among friends, families, and co-workers. Gift cards eliminate that stress of searching for the right gift, the size, the color, and the time. Gift cards offer a practical alternative for many people. Gift card givers have the option of giving a specialty card to the person's favorite store or restaurant. My favorite speciality gift card is a Starbucks card. During the holidays and for my birthday, I typically get tons of Starbucks cards. (I don't think I could ever have enough Starbucks gift cards). Though Starbucks gift cards are my favorite, I love the flexibility of the Visa or American Express gift cards. I've purchased everything from groceries, gas, clothes, and even gotten a massage.

What are your favorite gift cards?


What do you use your gift cards for?


With light and love,


Dr. Reginia


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