Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Healthy Fast Food Options

A fast paced lifestyle is the norm for most people. Each day is filled with work, activities, commuting, and life in general. Therefore, that leaves minimal time for carefully planned meals around the dinner table with family and friends. Are there options; sure there are but are we cognizant enough to make choices that will provide our body with fuel instead of just food.

Many fast food restaurants offer salads as options for those of us who choose to indulge. One of my favorite options is Zaxby's. Zaxby's offer a few options in the salad family. Some of the options are healthier than others. Below, I selected the Fried Cesar Salad; there is a grilled option but I was not in the grilled mood, so fried it was. I also love their fried house salad. Typically, I do not  eat croutons because bread is not my friend and hard bread is just gross.

There are a variety of dressing options and I suggest washing it down with pure clean water though there shakes are heavenly.

Choose wisely and enjoy a salad from Zaxby's today.

With love and light,

Dr. Reginia


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