Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Treasures and the Treasure Box

Overall health and balance are two of the keys to balance as well as longevity. As a part of total wellness, "tending to the treasure box" is daily and on-going. In the world of fast replacement, upgrades, and do overs, one only gets a single vagina, so take care of it.

The first step to vaginal health is cleanliness. There are many interpretations to the "vagina is self-cleaning" but lets not mistake that to mean it doesn't need soap and water because it does. The vagina is such a sensitive area, therefore it does not welcome harsh soaps, sprays, and perfumes. For most people, showers/baths are daily and  the vagina should be washed with a mild soap and water then dried thoroughly. Extra moisture may cause problems for your vagina. Additionally, those who choose to groom the vagina must do so with care. A new, clean razor should be used and never reused. As an extra precaution, spray or dab the outside of the vagina with hydrogen peroxide then pat dry. This will help to prevent the spread of staph infection. If waxing is the preferred choice, a notable professional is suggested.

Vaginal care is both internal and external. Once a girl reaches puberty and her menstrual cycle begins, annual trips to the gynecologist is suggested. A comprehensive annual exam helps to identify the overall health of the vagina and any potential problems. If a girl/woman is sexually active, my suggestion is to request a full sex panel of testing with your exams. Many times women do not know they are harboring an infection or STD some are present without odor or discharge.  A full sex panel is a good preventive measure in addition to the other tests such as a PAP Exam.

Most importantly, vaginal health is directly aligned to overall health. Stress, malnutrition, and a diet filled with sugar/starches upset the pH of the vagina. An imbalanced vaginal pH is an environment ready to host harmful bacteria and yeast. If these are reoccurring issues, start with an examination of your diet and a GYN visit for certainty.

If you are in or near the Atlanta area, an excellent GYN formally OB/GYN is Dr. Felicia Dawson. She's an excellent physician with a comprehensive approach to vaginal and overall health.

The suggestions and opinions above are uniquely those of Dr. Reginia and not affiliated with Dr. Felicia Dawson.


With light and love,


Dr. Reginia

Monday, June 27, 2011

Know Your Status

Today is National HIV Testing Day.

Cities across the nation are hosting free centers for HIV testing. You can be tested anonymously. Get tested. Know your status, know your partner's status, even if you're in a monogamous relationship. HIV/AIDS knows no demographic though a single demographic, Black women, are acquiring the virus at alarming rates.

Abstinence, Toys, true monogamy, and KNOW YOUR STATUS!


With light and love,


Dr. Reginia

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Friends of Facebook


Unless you've lived in the mountains with no electricity or under a rock with mold, you know that Facebook is the leading social media network of the present. It is a platform for connecting with former classmates, co-workers, and distant family members. It is also a medium for appreciating TV shows, companies and entertainment. Facebook (FB) has millions of members which gives one ample opportunity to reconnect with the past. However, FB can give rise to unresolved tiffs, disagreements, High School (HS) rivals or a host of hotmessness shenanigans. If you adhere to the following, your FB experience should be drama free and quite enjoyable.

  1. FB is a social media platform. Therefore, members are going to put their best foot or false foot forward. Therefore, only believe a fourth of what you read and see.

  2. Some people need to stay in the land of FB. If he or she were wild, hoes/tramps uncooth, and tacky in HS, more than likely they are now. Yes people change, BUT very few divert from those old behaviors. Beware of this person.

  3. Beware of the FB Pimp. The FB Pimp is the guy who cruises through all of the pages of his FB friends. More than likely he was that popular jock in HS and "the man" but now he's average to loser status. You can identify the FB Pimp by his high number of friends which are primarily women. Secondly, he typically posts messages of inspiration and spirituality all while inboxing each and every woman with "Hey Beautiful" and his Cricket/Metro cell number. This dude's goal is to get laid and if it's not yours, keep it moving.

  4. Have minimal expectations for the meeting or conversations if you choose to chat or meet offline. Remember Rule 1, FB folks put their best or false foot forward so when the meeting occurs, um, it just might not be what you expect.

  5. If you decide to meet anyone offline, always meet in a public place especially if the two of you haven't connected in many years. Believe it or not, some former classmates have untreated mental illnesses or have ulterior motives.

  6. Ideal candidates for FB meetups are former classmates who were the middle of the road folks. These people weren't excessively popular nor were they in the geek/nerd/undesirable crowd. These people are usually very successful, well grounded, and more apt to show you a good time.

  7. Possible FB meetups...the geeks/nerds. This one is tricky. Many times people who fall into this category have issues with being socially awkward. If they have grown out of this and not off the deep end, these can be good meetups too.

All and all, FB is good for conversations online, sharing photos, small talk, and watching TV shows together. Meetups can be fun and successful if not, file it under

With light and love,


Dr. Reginia

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This Is It - Atlanta

My dinner consisted of rib tips, collard greens, flavored rice and potato salad.

If I hadn't mentioned it before, I have some of the sweetest neighbors a person could as for. My neighbor needed a bit of help with her resume and offered to buy dinner in exchange for help. (Insert awww here).  She asked for suggestions and I mentioned This Is it because I wanted real food and not burgers/fries. Also, many of the locals recommend this place for good BBQ and soul food. Weeelllll, anyone who knows me, knows that I am very picky when it comes to soul food.

In my opinion, the dinner gets 3 out of 5 stars. Specifically, the tips were good but a bit tough and the sauce was tart. The potato salad was ok but a bit too soft, rice is rice and the collard greens still had the stems. (bleh) AND
they are doing something to my tummy today
. The corn muffin was good. Overall, I will try other items at this establishment again as they have several locations throughout Atlanta.

That is all.

With love and light,

Dr. Reginia

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Healthy Fast Food Options

A fast paced lifestyle is the norm for most people. Each day is filled with work, activities, commuting, and life in general. Therefore, that leaves minimal time for carefully planned meals around the dinner table with family and friends. Are there options; sure there are but are we cognizant enough to make choices that will provide our body with fuel instead of just food.

Many fast food restaurants offer salads as options for those of us who choose to indulge. One of my favorite options is Zaxby's. Zaxby's offer a few options in the salad family. Some of the options are healthier than others. Below, I selected the Fried Cesar Salad; there is a grilled option but I was not in the grilled mood, so fried it was. I also love their fried house salad. Typically, I do not  eat croutons because bread is not my friend and hard bread is just gross.

There are a variety of dressing options and I suggest washing it down with pure clean water though there shakes are heavenly.

Choose wisely and enjoy a salad from Zaxby's today.

With love and light,

Dr. Reginia

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fashionable Atlanta



Fashion Bloggers Meet!

I am too excited to meet the Atlanta Fashion Bloggers. I am not a fashion blogger but I just have to meet these ladies. Their blogs are absolutely fabulous. They are always on point and I can't wait to meet these girls face to face.

I have about 6 weeks to find the perfect outfit.


With life and love,


Dr. Reginia

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Day Fitness Challenge with Kevin Powell


Kevin Powell, activist, writer, and former reality personality, challenges the community to a 30 day fitness challenge. During this challenge, each participant is to commit to daily exercise as well as  reflect on total health. Kevin encourages each of us to become aware of our food intake and the messages that we are sending to our bodies. Total wellness is a key component in stimulating weight loss and sustaining overall health. In certain communities, total wellness is smothered with quick fixes and band-aid treatments such as the over consumption of prescription medications. Many illnesses can be managed or eliminated by maintaining physical and psychological health. Therefore, use each day as an opportunity to pamper yourself with elements that stimulate longevity, balance, and wellness.

Be easy.

With love and light,

Dr. Reginia

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