Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fruit + Yogurt =

Something I had for breakfast during my fast.

After 30 something years of eating fruit, there's one thing that I've come to realize; I don't like fruit.

As a whole, most fruit is bleh. The only two I can honestly consume without barfing experiencing a sour taste are grapes and pineapples. On occasion, I can tolerate an orange and apple without skin. I am just not a fruit kind of girl.

Well, this week, my friend and I decided to challenge ourselves to seven days of discipline. I decided a 7 day food fast; consuming only one meal per day. Therefore, for one meal I had broth, and the other a had a fruit smoothie type of thing, and one meal was a high protein.

I bought a new blender from Wal-Mart with this cute dispenser nozzle in the front. (I forgot to put in on in this picture) A friend and the innanets internet suggested adding yogurt for taste and texture. (I hate the texture of frothy  type of stuff...I should have known to discard the advice about yogurt).

The pictures are from ending to beginning.

I didn't use all of the fruit in one blend...only a few pieces.

There was a coupon in Kroger for the Dannon Greek yogurt. I believe it was $.75 off of 3. I bought three. This isn't the best tasting yogurt, in fact, it's very tart yet bland. This is not something I will buy again; well not the plain one. I am open to trying the flavored ones. (Only with a coupon)

My fast went well. I stayed on task for the most part and dropped 8 pounds.

With Light and Love,

Dr. R


Fruit and yogurt has become my favorite breakfast meal. LOVE!


I am trying to do better regarding fruit. Most of them I don't like. I am a green veggie girl (not on purpose) but they are the ones that agree with my tummy. BTW, I love your blog.

Wow, 8 lbs???? That is wonderful!

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