Sunday, May 1, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Sunday is grocery shopping day around these parts. Each Sunday, typically like clock work, it's off to the grocery store. My haul isn't much because it's just me (insert sigh here). My totals are typically between $40-50 per week. My staples are broccoli, chicken, beef, eggs, cheese, celery, and a household item. intermittently, there's coffee, vitamins, and
unnecessary stuff
, other essentials. Like clockwork, this is what I do.

A few weeks ago, TLC released a new show called Extreme Couponing. It's an interesting watch but it's not my favorite ..WHY...because it's excessive. These families have stockpiles of stuff that I believe that they won't ever use. I applaud the few families that donate some of their haul, but I can't quite understand the need of 35 bottles of Malox. Secondly, most of the stuff, in regards to food, is unhealthy, processed foods. Yulk! Boxed foods aren't my thing and won't be my families thing either.
Dear Companies,

Please include coupons for fruit, meat, vitamins and Glade Plug Ins.


Dr. Reginia

The show did inspire me to use a few coupons and I saved a whooping $2.75 this week.  I will continue to coupon but I don't think I'll have a 3in binder anytime soon.

Have a beautiful day and love what you do!


It's funny your blog is about coupons. My coworker was clipping coupons at work today and we were having a conversation about it. I don't clip them, but learning how much ppeople save makes me want to clip a few.

Since you glad plugins, have you tried those new febreeze air fresheners? They are really good. :)

Lol... I actually haven't watched that show, but I know what extreme couponing is.
I don't understand the need to get ALL of that stuff when they know they'll nver use it.
It just screams hoarding to me.
And yes, I really do wish grocery stores would have coupons for the fresh stuff! Our Kroger has a few coupons for bagged salads or baby carrots, but that's about it.

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