Sunday, April 3, 2011

Got Thrify and Almost Broadway

Thrifting Ain't Easy!

Ok lovelies, The Lady Girl went thrifting today. It wasn't really on my agenda and I was really looking for a side table for my foyer but this is what I left with instead; 4 bottoms, 1 top, 1 jacket and a new frame. The ON jeans are new never worn (yes ma'am), and the others are quality picks as well. I must say this is my first time in a while thrifting. I NEVER find clothes so I rarely venture into that area but today, something was calling my name. So I patiently combed through the hodge podge of clothing, scattering dust about and irritating my allergies further. (That was the bad part). Other than that, it was a cool experience.

Typically, I NEVER EVER go shopping with people other than my mother because they can't quite understand the patience it takes to go through stores like Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Ross and thrifting. These are NOT stores that one can speed through with the hopes of just finding's a careful art. Today I went with my old co-worker, it was ok but she's just a patient shopper.

After thrifting we decided to do a little shoe shopping. I really need some black sandals. These are the only ones that caught my eye but they were ill fitting so I left them in the store (Off Broadway Shoes). I keep thinking about them but my baby toe on my right foot always sticks out of sandals and I hate that. (Thinking about the tags of Perfect Imperfections on YouTube). Today was swell, I overate and now I'm a bit sick. BARF. My mom comes to town tomorrow and I need to get spiffy.


I've been wanting to go thrifting myself...and those sandals were cute but i sometimes have that problem with strappy sandals myself.

Well glad you found a few items during your shopping expedition :D
You'd love going to TJ Max and such with my SiL. She goes there for kid's clothing, but still.. she could spend HOURS in there just sorting through everything lol.

The shoes are so cute though- I am sorry that they didn't fit well!

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