Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DC Cityscapes

I visited my sister last week. It's amazing the beauty that I saw in the city that I once loathed.



Cool! The first time I went to DC was for Obama's Inauguration and boy was it cold!! I loved it there! What did you dislike about DC before? Was it the cold weather or the traffic? Well, it sounds like you had fun this time around! Glad you made it back home okay :)

We're going to DC this summer :D I've been when I was younger so don't remember much heh.

@WCC - I was at the inauguration too. I don't think it was ever that cold when I lived there. Maaaaan it was cold that day....it was worth standing out there though.

@Lisa - It gets really hot in DC during the summers. Take plenty of sun screen because there's no shade anywhere.

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