Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Ain't No Fool

In honor of the obligatory use of the term April, I attempted to draw you in with an engaging title. (Did it work?)

Well, April Ain't No Fool and neither is The Lady Girl. Spring is here and if you're in this area, you know it's with a BANG. OMG. I am miserable in regards to seasonal allergies. Any stint outside causes mayhem. This makes me uneasy because I need to be outside walking and soaking up vitamin D but when it looks like it's raining pollen, it's best that I stay inside.

As far as exercise, I've been slacking on that. I really need to do better because my legs aren't as smooth as they use to be. (insert sad face here). My thighs are becoming jiggly...ewww and no. I can't have that. So, in response to a great special for the gym, I joined. I was once anti gym because it took too much to get there. So now, I've mapped out a route from work and before grocery shopping on Saturday mornings. I am only committing to three days per week at the gym. (The rest will be exercise tapes at home) I have to get in shape.

After reading Amy's blog, PCOS takes huge toll on my facets on one's life. I can't anymore. This has gone on for too long. I have to regain the element that fuels me and that's my femininity.


I'm going through all of the allergies too. My car is back green but oh rain this weekend!

Enjoy your weekend girl!

Sounds like you are very determined to get in to better shape! YAY! You're gonna kick some ass and take names later! :D

I have horrible allergies so I relate(wiping my watery eyes)Same home town huh?! Little Rock or where I live now Texarkana Texas?! If you ever get this way ,provided we are still here shoot me an Email lunch is in order.!

@Corie, my care is green as well. I can't stand it. The weekend has been a fantastic in spite of the itchy eyes and sniffling.

@ Lisa - on top of overall health, I am sick of the Miss Piggy look. Oinking isn't my thing. lol

@ CJ - LR. I will be there some time this summer. I love meeting my internet peeps. :)

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