Friday, March 25, 2011

Water, Water, Water

Water is so important!

I am sure this is something that doesn't need to be repeated but it is such an understatement. Water is needed for overall health and wellness. Water makes your skin supple, your joints fluid, allows your innards to do their things and it gives the best sheen to those tresses. For the most part, I've always loved water. It wasn't a time that I didn't drink proper amounts each day. However, something has changed. I have trouble getting the required amounts of water. This has gone on about four months now. Technically I am dehydrated and that's NOT a good feeling.

My initial problem with water came with my commute. I would drink lots of water in the mornings, probably half of the required amount and my commutes became torturous. I literally squirmed most of the way to work and had to RUN to the restroom. If there was a wreck during the commute, then I prayed and prayed that I didn't have an "accident". I tried to decrease the amount of water and started missing my requirement of baseline intake. Secondly, my job doesn't allow me to just "go use it" whenever, which again meant I had to do a poised pee pee dance .


Then I fell into this I hate water phase. The taste of it made me barf. I believe it was the plastic bottle so I ditched it. I bought this oh so cute stainless steel water bottle, problem solved. However, I still had the work issue. NOW, I have an assistant and things are better when I have "to go".

I'm glad but now I have to repair four months of dehydration. I've started to add a bit of Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light to my work water but all others are warm with lemon in the mornings, and ice cold in the afternoons.

Bottoms up!


Hiii !Happy you stumbled upon my blog Looks like I will be back.Hope you enjoy mine Im gonna browse your pages now.

Thanks for coming over Comeca. I will be following your blog now. Love your gardening photos.

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